Dirty Ho

1979 [CN]

Action / Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.1 10 1055

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Chia-Hui Liu as Wang Tsun Hsin - 11th prince
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

Vibrant martial arts fill this action comedy vehicle

DIRTY HO is another film from renowned martial artist Liu Chia-Liang, a quite early effort from the director that dates from 1976. It's another film in the action comedy mould, with Gordon Liu and Wong Yue teaming up as a prince and a thief who get involved in a plot infused with political intrigue. You know the format of these Shaw comedy action films by now: the first half is all plot less broad comedy, while things get gradually more serious in the second half.

It's one of the highest quality looking films I can remember seeing from Shaw in the visual sense, but I was a little disappointed by the lack of story in the early parts. The fight scenes are exemplary, as you'd expect from the director and stars, and the actors are good too, but the film seems to be treading water for a very long time before it starts to pick up. This is the only real criticism I have of it, as everything else is fine.

Wong Yue is charming in a career-making performance and he gets the lion's share of the comedy. Gordon Liu sits back more, which is the nature of his character, and aside from that cheesy moustache he's cool. The usual round of familiar faces fill the supporting cast, including a nice cameo from a typically tough Wang Lung Wei, although I was disappointed that Kara Hui has very little to do. Best of all is the great Lo Lieh as the bad guy, who has some blistering moves come the climax. Inevitably the real star of the show is the director himself, who fills the screen with vivid, expertly-choreographed martial arts. My favourite scene? The set-piece in the windy valley with Liu in the cart, a direct reference to the Japanese LONE WOLF & CUB film series.

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 6 / 10

Dirty ho!

Master Wang (Gordon Liu) is really the eleventh prince of Manchuria in disguise, trying to discover which of the other fourteen heirs to the throne are trying to kill him. He's pretending to be a jewelry dealer which brings him into the world of jewel thief Dirty Ho (Wong Yue). Also, Wang is such a good fighter that he's able to defeat people without ever seeming to be fighting them!

Wang conspires to get Ho to ask him to teach him in the ways of fighting. After Master Wang is injured, he demands that Ho take him on a journey to a ruined city battered by the wind in an astounding segment of this movie.

While so much of this Lau Kar-Leung-directed movie is given to comedy and wine-tasting, the last fights of the film make it worth a watch. It's also a film that subverts the usual master and student story and has a Manchu character as the hero.

Reviewed by poe426 8 / 10

Down and dirty...

Gordon Liu, who bridged the gap between Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, once again takes top billing in a kung fu comedy that showcases some well-conceived martial arts routines. To hide the fact that he's a kung fu master (and a noble on the lam), he manipulates a young woman at one point (in a brothel, if I remember correctly), using her like a puppet to fend off a would-be assailant; during a wine-tasting, he uses teapots and cups to keep his attacker at bay- while still sampling the wine; when he visits an antique dealer, the antiques themselves become defensive weapons even as he assesses their value. He enlists the aid of Wong Yu (the "Dirty Ho" of the title), whose close encounter with a group of gay gung fu men is worth the price of admission (they're called "The Bitters," but "The BitterSweets" would've been more to the point): Wong is almost converted by the Bitters when he samples their wares (...). When Liu is injured and has to take to a wheelchair, Wong takes up the slack- and then we see Liu, the Stephen Hawking of gung fu, mow down a virtual army of assailants en route to a showdown with the dastardly Lo Lieh. An ingrate, Liu literally kicks his young sidekick to the curb when day is done. Some trademarked choreography and plenty of comedy make this one worth a look.

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