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Reviewed by morandb 1 / 10

Dishonest piece of insufferably self-absorbed "journalism"

The "secret" the pseudo-journalist uncovers is not just something that had been prominently in the news for many years before that, but one of the biggest ongoing stories of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Even if you want to ignore this, the movie is a very ineffective presentation of the problem: It is a slow-paced, low-energy, repetitive narrative of the "journalist" wringing his hands about the events.

It is a waste of time to listen to the "journalist" droning on and on about his indignation about his cluelessness. If you have followed the underlying story, you can be modestly amused by all the obvious mistakes he makes in his "reporting".

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 6 / 10

Dirty War Zones.

Joining an event on IMDb's Film Festivals page,I spotted that one of the films was by the journalist who uncovered the full extent of the activates that military contracting firm Blackwater (now called Academi) was involved in the Middle East,which led to me getting ready to find out how dirty wars could be.

The outline of the documentary:

Learning about a number of raids which have been conducted in Afghanistan by Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) journalist Jeremy Scahill decides to investigate a raid which was to later be called the Khataba raid,where 5 people (including two pregnant women and a teenage girl) were killed by US Army Rangers.Meeting the victim's families in Afghanistan,Scahill soon discovers that it is impossible to get the US gov to admit to any activities in the Middle East.

View on the film:

Being unable to get insurance for visiting three "troubled" countries (Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia) the footage that director Rick Rowley shoots displays a remarkable clarity,with Rowley allowing the war lords to be clearly seen.Visiting the sights of deadly raids and travelling with war lords,Rowley and Scahill display a real care in making sure that the violent aftermaths are not the focus of the title,with full attention being paid to the survivors of the raids and drone strikes. Inspired by his book Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield, Jeremy Scahill takes centre stage as the "voice" of the film.Whilst his dedication to the subject is easy to see, Scahill sadly appears unwilling to let his interviewees get the full attention,with Rowley firmly positioning the camera in every interview so that Scahill is the most prominent person,which leads to the movie not uncovering the full dirt on the dirty wars.

Reviewed by carbuff 9 / 10

If any documentary is a must see, it's this one.

First the negatives. The narrator (Jeremy Scahill) has a really flat voice throughout the film--typical for documentaries, but I prefer some emotion and inflections--really no big deal.

Second, as expected, the book was much, much more through with a lot more information. The film should be viewed as a complement to the book, not a substitute.

Third, I personally do not find the "lead character" that the United States is attempting to assassinate by drone to be very sympathetic. Not for a second do I believe that he was a peace-loving Islamic cleric radicalized and turned into a terrorist by the evil U.S. Instead, I think that for unknown psycho-social reasons being a demagogue came easy to him.

The positives of this documentary, however, far outweigh any negatives. It is really excellent and interesting, just like the book. Even for someone who has decent familiarity with some of the questionable things going on in U.S. foreign policy, there will certainly be many new facts here.

No recent presidential administration comes off good. That any of this was going on under George Bush shouldn't surprise anyone, but Obama comes off much worse considering that he has escalated questionable policies and is a sophisticated, well-educated, constitutional law professor. How many Nobel Peace Prize Winners have Kill Lists?

The precedents we are setting are worrying, and, in the long term, today's advanced weaponry is likely to become much more accessible and we may wind up reaping what we have sown.

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