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Reviewed by JonnyGJ 8 / 10

Absolute pleasure to watch.

Great acting and a great script made this film into something special. One of those films were you walk out after watching it and you feel you really got your moneys worth. It reminds me of Hunter Richards film London with Jason Statham and Jessica Biel. Both these movies explores the impact strangers can have on each other. "The best conversation you will ever have is with a stranger." Anel Alexander and James Alexander pulls the the viewers in right from the start and do not let go till the next day. It is not one of those movies where you know were it is heading in that way it creates a type of suspense. And keeps the audience griped right to the end.

Discreet is definitely not everybody's cup of tee but if you like a film that portrays people in the real world this movie was made for you.

Reviewed by bjarias 8 / 10

..taking us to a different place in the world's oldest profession

This is one of those films starts off and you soon think you have a good idea of where it is all going. And then you get caught up in the performances and dialogue, and it turns into more than you had hoped or expected. It only works because of the two great young actors and their direction. Each of them so much look like others in the profession that which you are familiar, but it is their own abilities that keep you involved here. The story-line is similar in style and substance to others, but it somehow seems fresh. It's the most unlikely call-girl and her John movie that you are likely to encounter in quite some time.

Reviewed by lavatch 7 / 10

Well-Written and Well-Acted Low Budget Film

"Discreet" aired for free on Amazon Prime, and it was a well-paced film that had the feel of a stage play.

The dialogue takes place nearly in "real time" in Sandton, South Africa, as a 25-year-old man has reserved a time slot with an escort in her swanky apartment. After answering the internet ad from "Discreet, Upmarket," he pays his "fee" of $8,000 in cash. The film then unfolds as a long conversation about life, life, childhood, religion, ideals, and lying.

The lying is central as both characters at first do not reveal their real names. Young Thomas first claims to be Peter. And Monique morphs into Monica, then Christy, and, finally, Kareen.

The structure of the conversation is the peeling away of the layers of lies with each character critiquing the other. Kareen offers a razor sharp analysis of how Thomas's religious background has messed him up. In turn, Thomas sees through Kareen's "act," recognizing that she desires true love and a committed relationship.

Many stage plays are adapted into turgid film versions. But this film successfully develops a two-character conversation into compelling drama. Beyond the film, the two actors apparently enjoy a successful marriage in real life.

This film is worth watching for the crisp dialogue and good performances.

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