2020 [KOREAN]

Drama / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.5 10 148

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by selvadorada300 2 / 10

Boring movie

When I first saw the trailer I thought it was "Black swan with swimming asian girls" but I forced myself to finish this for the sake of watching it. The story was predictable and uninspiring and I am not exaggerating when I said I fell asleep in the middle of movie. The plot twist was weak and there is no scenes that justified its genre as "thriller". This is not for everyone and watch it only if nothing left to do.

Reviewed by laraakin-30010 7 / 10

Thrilling and engaging

The movie starts with a lot of suspense and you try to figure out exactly what is going on scene-by-scene. You immediately see and understand the friendship between the two female leads and how it's not exactly what it seems on the surface. There are a few hard to watch scenes that definitely puts it in the thriller genre and the acting too is great. My only qualm with the movie is that the ending is too ambiguous because some of the things the lead does are left unchecked so there is no satisfying end to her horrible actions. However this movie had me glued I couldn't take my eyes off of it. I enjoyed every second plus I'm a fan of Shin Mi Ah.

Reviewed by cheyennesky-22337 5 / 10


I love Shin Min-a! She is one of my favourite Korean actresses. I was really ready to see this movie, the trailer looked good and it seemed like a mystery or thriller. The thing is though, I do not get most of the movie. Are we suppose to sympathize with the lead or hate her? Throughout the movie there are many flashbacks and thoughts that go through the lead's head that at times you are not sure if it is real or just another thought. The ending is what confuses me the most, like I said, must we feel sympathy for the lead or hate her? Should we feel bad because she intentionally pushed her friend down since she could not carry her back up to the surface and then regretted it or should we hate her because the goodness she portrayed was always for everyone to witness, when it came to actually proving she was a good person to her friend she always did something that benefited her and negatively affected her friend.

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