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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by drew-894-169553 10 / 10

The best movie I didn't want to see

I just got back from the Phoenix opening show, and I have to admit that I am a little upset. I am not upset with the quality of the film, but the way it left me feeling after being reminded of the corruption and pain from my past cases.

The film makers did and excellent job of compressing an extremely complicated topic into a well organized and an easy to understand presentation. I was not sure I was going to learn anything new, because I thought I had seen everything. Anyone who has been through a divorce or custody battle has a decent understanding of how the corrupt Family Court system operates. I was unpleasantly surprised to learn some new facts and injustices that I had not seen before. The corruption has always been obvious to me, but I didn't understand the motivation to the level the film exposes.

The narration by Dr. Drew was perfect. People who know nothing about Family Court can watch this film and follow it. I strongly recommend this movie to anyone considering marriage, or anyone who is just starting out their divorce or custody action. For most of us, we didn't have the luxury of knowing how corrupt the family courts were until we were neck deep in tears and debt. Thanks to this film, many others will be able to walk into their unfortunate situations with a clearer expectation. The movie revived my promise to myself to stay single until the day I die.

Reviewed by tsmith-938-736926 9 / 10

15 yrs later and the impact is still real

It is hard to get anyone to witness reality when the reality is so bleak. I went to the Fri opening in Denver with a buddy and another couple and there were less than 2 hand fulls of people in the theater. But the story was so well done I found myself having to leave after about an hour. It brought back so many bad memories of my personal experience as the victim of what I can only describe as racketeering.

We worry so much about off-shore terrorism when we have a huge domestic terrorist threat in the family courts. Threats, intimidation, bribery, falsifications, forced imprisonment, loss of property, career, reputation it all happens - and justified with the biggest lie of all "in the best interest of the children'. I know many actual victims cannot afford to go to a theater movie or can't emotionally handle the replay of the horror story of life they lived through.

But this is a must see for anybody concerned about basic justice - for ultimately it is largely about the abuse and use of children as pawns. It should be requited viewing for High School students and any premarital counseling. Society is paying a huge price for enabling and fostering the ability for anyone to "terrorize" another person and abuse the basic human rights of children merely for the sake of making some $$$.

Reviewed by ron-jagannathan 8 / 10

Brilliant and insightful.

Divorce Inc is brilliant and insightful. The movie captures the ugly and the nasty side of the Industry that any reasonable person will label as a racketeering and corrupt organization. The divorce Inc is the most totalitarian institution ever created by Family Courts, Family Bar Associations, Custody Evaluators, Guardian at Litems, unethical Judges, Therapists and other "court hangers". It is the most serious perpetrator of human and constitutional rights violations in the U.S. The divorce regime is responsible for much more than "ugly divorces," "nasty custody battles that lead decent citizens into bankruptcy and foreclosures and huge payouts to the "court hangers".

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Divorce Inc captures this essence very forcefully. Family Courts hearings should be subject to video and audio recordings and evaluated for fairness by citizens. Jury trials should become the norm when a Judge is accused of bias. Family Court Judges should be required and subjected to annual citizen hearings regarding their decisions in custody cases and graded upon their performances.

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