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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ulicknormanowen 7 / 10

Day or night, he'll be there any time at all Doctor Mamou-Mani!

Before the cast and credits,they've issued a warning : it's based on a true story (why not?) but we do put our trust in our doctors .

The film has not to be taken seriously ,because it is at its best a good farce ,with plenty of side-splitting scenes ,although it loses steam towards the end .

It happens on Xmas night : to be a doctor on duty is no laughing party when you 're an alcoholic , and you might be struck off the medical register; and,to crown it all,you can hardly walk,suffering from a backache .A delivery boy accepts to be his "replacement " He will see the patients and the true docteur will give him the "treatment " via earpieces .....

The Michel Blanc/Hakim Jemily pair works quite well ; the screenplay is often witty and hilarious: the parents trying to "help" the doctor , the chic surgeon who does not want to treat his own family ,the reveller and his lost lobster, and more....

On the other hand , the movie has drama pretensions and it gets in the way : the daughter at odds with her father , and ,coincidence ,who tries to commit suicide the same night ,it's hackneyed ;the death of little brother in an avalanche ... Instrumental music is tuneful but the horrible disco-funk stuff spoils some beautiful night scenes .

I could also do without the -predictable- epilogue, but "docteur?" is ,by large ,a good comedy,so why deny yourself some good fun?

Reviewed by zokimicko-239-87633 7 / 10

Decent laugh

I really recommend it for a good laugh.

Ignore the medical inaccuracies. And this comes from a doctor :)

Reviewed by rufinoguymanuel 10 / 10

Fun and light...

This is a fun movie. It is what entertainment should be.

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