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Reviewed by silvio-mitsubishi 2 / 10

Really Not Very Good

A bunch of unknowns, possibly a group of drama students, have recorded a version of the Faust story, but it stretches the patience of the viewer.

I believe they have stuck closely to Marlow's original script, but anybody trying to follow the antiquated language with the subtitles will quickly find that they use a different version. The words are similar but rarely the same, with some anachronistic phrases thrown in and possibly some garbled lines left in the final cut.

The film uses attractive settings, and an attractive cast, but the action is stulted by poor editing and lifeless delivery. Many of the actors appear to have learned lines verbatim but have no idea what they mean, or invest so little emotion into them that the effect is dull and unengaging. After saying a few lines they freeze, almost visibly ticking off the script as they await their next cue.

Although characters walk around, the movements bear no connection to the script and seem included purely to add interest. I am reminded of the review of Waiting For Godot: "Nothing happens ... twice", except here it happens slightly less than once. For all the moving camera contributes, we might as well have seen a static read-through of the script.

Because of the flat presentation, Mephistopheles and Lucifer simply appear as moderately benign classmates. I had no sense of trickery, deception or Faustus understanding the implications of his pact.

The closing credits are revealing. The lead actor appears to be related to the entire production crew. While I am not berating their skills, having some critical outsiders might have helped prevent this feeling like a family project to cheer up a favoured child.

Reviewed by strawbkisses 3 / 10

It's giving A Level Media/Lit

I wanted to like this. Frustratingly Am Dram. Trying too hard to be arty. Eye rollinh moments are plentiful. Lots of slo mo walking.

If this was made by a group of students, then we'll done them. If it was professionally created by qualified people then I am baffled.

Reviewed by marcos_cu 10 / 10

Great Fun

I have not laughed out loud at a movie for a long time but my sides were aching after this one.

Richard Burton's version raised a titter from time to time who could imagine that such a rich vein of humour could be found in Kit Marlowe's Jacobean masterpiece.

The stone faced performance by a cast of mini skirted Essex Girls only added to the fun.

I loved it.

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