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Channing Tatum as Jackson Briggs
Mike Vaughn as Additional Voices
Terri Hoyos as Anna Rodriguez
Cayden Boyd as Corporal Levitz
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jboothmillard 5 / 10


I saw the trailer for this film about a dog, I recognised the leading actor alongside the dog, and I was up for seeing a dog movie, it must have taken the makers age to think of a title (haha). Basically, Jackson Briggs (Channing Tatum, also producing and directing) is a U. S. Army Ranger veteran who suffered a past trauma and injuries that took him out of the service. Despite doctor's warnings about some permanent impairment, mainly post-traumatic stress disorder, he is determined to get back into service, as it gives him structure and purpose. An officer gives Briggs the opportunity to be readmitted to the Rangers, which has been repeatedly turned down. He will be reinstated if he agrees to perform a task, to deliver an Army dog, a temperamental Belgian Malinois named Lulu (played by three dogs), to the family funeral of a veteran who served with Briggs. The dog performed many brave rescue operations during service but has been traumatised being in a war zone and no-one can go near her without her getting aggressive; she has sent three people to hospital. Lulu will be driven, as the dog is too unstable to fly, and until the funeral, she is to be muzzled and given antidepressants. After the funeral, she will be put down. Briggs has said he would do anything to get back into the service but does not want to do this. If Briggs can deliver Lulu with no mistakes and no trouble, he can get the approval he needs, so he reluctantly agrees. The journey takes them down the Pacific Coast from Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington to Nogales, Arizona. During the journey, Briggs takes the muzzle off, and the dog tears his car seats apart, which frustrates him. Later, the dog uses her sense of smell to uncover a couple growing cannabis/marijuana plants, but Tamara (Jane Adams) and Gus (Kevin Nash) turn out to be an unlikely help for him to calm Lulu down. Briggs finds himself talking to the dog about various things and finds himself and she slowly bonding. On the way, Briggs decides to fake being a blind man, with Lulu as his guide dog, to get a free luxury hotel suite and room service. The con is rumbled when Lulu runs through the hotel and causes trouble, and Briggs winds up arrested, but he is let off after explaining the situation to police officers. There is also a point when he visits a former comrade, Noah (My Name Is Earl's Ethan Suplee), to get some advice about the dog and her former handler. Then the journey is stalled when the car Briggs is driving runs out of fuel, and they are unable to hitch a ride. It rains heavily, and the nearest shelter is an abandoned shed, which happens to have a bed and a television. Briggs is highly frustrated with everything that has happened and shouts angrily at the dog. But he calms down, makes amends and comforts her through the night. Finally, Briggs and Lulu arrive at the funeral for the veteran, and the family recognise and are happy to see the dog. After the funeral ends, Briggs drives back to the base to drop Lulu off, he puts on a muzzle and an officer takes her away. But as he drives away, he sees her barking for him to come back, so he drives back and makes an excuse to take her away. In the end, Briggs reconnects with his estranged wife and child, and he starts a new life, not necessarily in the service, with Lulu as his pet. Also starring Q'orianka Kilcher as Niki, Emmy Raver-Lampman as Bella, Nicole LaLiberte as Zoe, and Bill Burr as Police Officer. Tatum is reasonable as the man who has difficulty with making emotional connections who finds redemption helping a chaotic canine, it works well as a road movie, and although the dog and man slow-burning friendship is familiar, it is still endearing. There are some fair laughs, but the serious moments are what make it less than completely predictable, all in all it is a likeable enough comedy-drama. Worth watching!

Reviewed by neil-476 7 / 10

Darker tone than expected

Briggs, Riley, and Lulu, were all Army Rangers in Afghanistan, and suffered a variety of physical and, especially mental, traumas. Briggs' PTSD saw him invalided out, while Riley drove into a tree ar 120mph. This left Lulu, Riley's highly trained Ranger dog, suffering both PTSD and bereavement. Briggs, wanting official endorsement for future employment despite his handicap, is tasked with transporting Lulu (or Dog, as he calls her) down the Pacific coast to Riley's funeral. All does not go smoothly.

This film, which features, essentially, Channing Tatum and a dog, follows assorted other movies about military and similar dogs trying to find their way post-services. Despite the drama which drives them, these have tended to be genial affairs, with heartwarming, tearjerking endings.

This is not the case here. Both Briggs and Lulu are clearly quite badly damaged,mand that damage means that neither of them is ver likeable. Yes, of course, they catalyse a process of healing in each other, and some of the rough edges are worn off as the film goes along, but the ending is merely hopeful rather than throat-chokingly emotional. It was altogether darker, lower key, and not obviously going for emotional manipulation, and I liked it all the more for that. This is not going to have the Marley And Me audience leaving the cinema with mascara streaks down their cheeks.

Reviewed by UniqueParticle 9 / 10

More of a tearjerker than a comedy

To the person that said it's been done before sure but never this story I'm sure there's very few about a dog from the army. Channing Tatum was superb throughout I loved Dog (Lulu) the journey story and bonding was so lovely! So much wildness, charm, endearment, and great dialogue throughout; amazing movie I'd recommend to anyone!

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