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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sarahmaesmith 1 / 10

Film making hits a new low

You've got to be kidding. Bad acting. Horrible costumes. Awkward script. Special effects are so stupid. The dog was obviously on Valium. The entire movie has as much personality as a clam. I watched it to the end just in case there was something redeeming about it. I usually love movies about dogs. This one is the exception. My review has to be ten lines long. Why should I waste your time and Internet bandwidth on something this dumb. I don't want to insult other viewers who liked the film, but I do wonder about their level of, shall we say, sophistication. Perhaps this film originated as a project for fifth grade students. I paid $4.99 to rent it on Comcast. That is a rip! Don't waste your time.

Reviewed by cool-mommy 1 / 10

Grotesquely Misleading Waste of a Dollar

I rented this from Redbox.

The picture displayed was different then the one here.

It showed three dogs at a DJ booth at the beach wearing hip-hop attire.

This was never in the film.

The movie was so bad, none of my kids would watch it.

I watched it all the way through.

It was extremely low budget and the film seemed to center around adults acting inappropriately.

I think the reviewer who compared it to John Waters is correct.

It was just horrible, awful, tacky and lame.

Reviewed by DogsCanDance 10 / 10

Captivating escape

This morning I had the opportunity to view the movie "Doggie Boogie" at the Sonoma International Film Festival in CA. I have now seen it twice and can't get enough. Very uplifting in a day and age where we need more positive joy. I will definitely purchase the movie once it is available to the public. This movie is an incredibly joyous escape. I was captivated by the story from the minute it started through the credits. This was actually the second time I have seen it and was surprised that it still had that "captivating effect" despite knowing the outcome of the plot.

The characters' charisma takes the story line to a very personal level for everyone in the audience. Very well cast! I recommend this movie for all ages of people who share or have shared their life with a canine family member.

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