Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds

2021 [SPANISH]


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 60%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 157

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by trokanmariel-17760 10 / 10

Very beautiful film

This is what I wrote, watching Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds:

1) The Pink Away 2) The Pink Wheel-A-Bout 3) Purple (undertake-her) 4) PIP's introduction

Following the list, that I assembled up above, what I realised had happened was that I'd come across an AIA vs UUCU tradition (or, if not tradition, a 'dog'mate of meta)

UUCU stands for uniformity, uniformity, contrast, uniformity. AIA stands for anti, intellect, anti, which basically means a roadtrip/slingshot for a central force, who is guarded by two anti's on the former's path to doginance.

During the screening, I also added -

AIA = all for one UUCU = suggesting OCD/"suggesting overdone" (quote by Aramis)

So, as for PIP themself:

It's better to be a co-UU in PINk, than to be late to the part-(wh)y. (A Brittney Havers tribute, from Wild Things 2)

Reviewed by suzanneg-61508 3 / 10

Really not sure who this movie is aimed at

I took my kids to see this at the cinema, having never seen the original. The animation quality was poor especially considering it was shown in the cinema. The language they used to tell the story went straight over my kids' heads so it was difficult for them to follow and most of the characters lacked personality. We were all utterly bored and glad when it was over.

Reviewed by steve-42439 8 / 10

Classic brought to new audience

It must be difficult to remake something for the modern age something that was produced 40 years ago with the common techniques, styles of the times and for the typical audience. The world has moved on, the risk is to make something new for the modern audience that the older audience will hate. This film has done a remake but with a nods to the classic. The 1980's version was a version the classic Dumas story made child friendly at the time, and this it what they have done again for a more modern audience. If you are a fan of the original look out for the dream sequences and watch all the credits at the end there will be things very familiar. If you are too young to remember the original take your kids for a treat and hopefully it will get them into reading books, as that was the effect it had on my back in the 1980's last time round.

Lets hope that Apolo films get funding for remaking some of the other BRB classics.

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