Dolphin Tale


Action / Drama / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 81%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
IMDb Rating 6.9 10 21813


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Morgan Freeman as Dr. Cameron McCarthy
Ashley Judd as Lorraine Nelson
Harry Connick Jr. as Dr. Clay Haskett
Austin Stowell as Kyle Connellan
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Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 10 / 10

Such a Beautiful Movie..

A story centered on the friendship between a boy and a dolphin whose tail was lost in a crab trap. Dolphin Tale is so much better than just a ridiculous 6.9/10 cause i'm sorry because this movie is amazing, beautiful and among all inspiring. The chemistry between the boy and the Dolphin feels realistic and real, the performances are top notch especially from Nathan Gamble, Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd and the entire cast and crew of this beauty. Plus the end where kids who lost their leg or their arm visit the Dolphin and they feed her or get to play with her gave me such a big emotion and even some of the hardest people to cry will at least shed a tear trust me on that. Overall this is a beautiful and inspiring based on true events film that captivates you into this world from start to finish. (A+)

Reviewed by Davis P 1 / 10

Ohhhh my gosh! Inconceivably boring!

This family oriented film starring Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, and Harry Connick Jr. is very tedious and BORINGGGG. Oh my goodness this movie had me close to full on napping. The pace is like a slow motion snail pace lol. I like the actors involved. Freeman, Judd, and Connick Jr. are all good actors and I admire their body of work, but this movie is so hopelessly dull that I just couldn't enjoy it for the life of me. The acting gets pretty cheesy at times and it almost seems like hallmark movie. I don't know I guess I wasn't the right kind of audience member for this film but I hated it from beginning to end. There was not a single time in the entire duration of the movie where I was honestly enjoying what I was watching. The script was too cheesy and hallmarky for me to take too seriously. The movie is very family friendly and it's suitable for family viewing but I would in no way shape or form recommend it for family or any viewing simply because of the incredible boredom I experienced while watching. There wasn't anything the filmmakers did to keep my attention at any point. 1/10 for Dolphin Tale. I have zero interest in seeing the sequel.

Reviewed by tubeindustriesbroadcastingco 2 / 10

Bland, uninspired, bland, sappy, and bland

If you like feel good that have cute animals and adorable moments, this one is for you.

HOWEVER, if you want to see a movie with a well built up plot and real tension and passion, this is not for you.

There is one word that comes to my mind when I think of this movie: Bland.

It just screams it, our story starts off in some suburb in Florida presumably, where are main character (whos name I cannot seem to recall, probably something generic like Chris) is fiddling with junk in his garage while everyone outside is throwing some going away party for his older brother who is going off to fight in the United States Armed Forces in some unfortunate Mid-East conflict. Apparently our main character is sad because he has to go to summer school for some reason. His brother says some cliché inspirational words and then is off to honorably serve his country. Anyways, he is off to summer school or whatever when he is riding next to the beach where he sees a dolphin in distress, an old man helps him contact animal rescue services where they save the dolphin and bring it to the Generic Aquatic Animal Facility that's name isn't important enough to remember. Our character is curious and skips school to see the dolphin the dolphin he shouldn't really have an emotional connection to but does for plot reasons.

The boy actually BREAKS INTO the Aquatic Animal Rescue Whatever Facility to see the Dolphin only to advance the plot. Why would a minor break into an Aquarium I know not. He then meets a geeky marine animal loving girl who doesn't immediately report the intruder for some reason and lets him see the rescued dolphin. They then get caught by the dad uncle what ever figure who is OK that a minor broke into his Aquarium. Blah Blah Blah the boy has more of an emotional connection to the Dolphin blah blah. Apparently the dolphins name is "Winter" or something that will make you "AWWWWW That's SO CUTE" like the movie tries to do the entire time but Winter has a terrible tail injury and it needs to be amputated because reasons.

Meanwhile our main characters brother has had a terribly injury with a munitions bunker or something and has paralysis in his legs. This is the part of the movie that's supposed to be emotional because the Brothers injury represents the Dolphins injury or something that barley has a remote connection until THE ENDING CREDITS but whatever. Apparently our main Characters Brother is ashamed of himself because joining the military was the only way his family could pay for the main characters supposed Olympic swimming future or something. The rest of the movie has Morgan Freeman and our main character trying to make a prosthetic tail for Winter and more fabricated drama and a vomit worthy overly sappy music number.

Also a few scenes in the movie are about when the Mother finally discovers that her son has been skipping summer school to see the Dolphin. This is where it gets stupid. The bratty main character whines and cries about how she will never understand the ""MAGIC"" of Winter and the Mom changes her mind because her kid cried a little and then goes to the summer school teacher and says that her son is having a more ""enriching"" experience with a dolphin that he is at school learning about Mathematics, History, and Science that isn't marine biology. The teacher is consumed by the sappy narrative and caves in and lets our Character go to the Aquarium INSTEAD OF going to summer school which was probably a district order but whatever, when you have an overly emotional dolphin movie why need reality right? The Dolphin doesn't wear the tale properly and throws it off. This causes the Generic Marine Aquatic Life Rescue Center and Aquarium Learning Marine School or whatever the heck its called to predict Winter will die. Then they make a new prosthetic tale that the Dolphin learns to swim with and doesn't have to die.

But oh no, the Aquatic Marine Life Rescue Learning Center Extravaganza Animal Hospital is having Financial issues but Winter is so adorable people everywhere want to see it and the admission revenue saves the Facility.

In the end, the Dolphin lives, the kid gets to skip school, and the Magic Animal Hospital And Aquatic Display Learning Aquarium Facility doesn't go out of business.


The only memorable part of the movie is AT THE VERY END which shows WHAT REALLY HAPPENED, its a lot less dramatic I can assure you. It shows how people with prosthetics relate to the animal in a therapeutic relation sort of way which relates to the munition incident back in the film.

Honestly, this film was made about a little known Dolphin that receives a prosthetic tale. I am pretty sure the thing about the kids relationship with the Dolphin is completely fabricated sappy garbage made to make a quick buck off unsuspecting parents and pre-teens.

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