Don't Crack Under Pressure

2015 [FRENCH]


IMDb Rating 6.5 10 272

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by erickcoughlin 10 / 10

Awesome experience

What else could you want? Great connection to such intense conditions.

Reviewed by Xavier_Stone 3 / 10

Some action scenes, lots of background and tons of filler. Terrible Soundtrack

There are some very talented athletes in this sport video and some incredible camera shots. No doubt the producers spent quite a bit of money in making this film, however it has very poor direction, lots of filler scenes and excursions by the athletes. Some background is nice but they overdo it here. The soundtrack doesn't match the action; intense scenes have a slow methodical tune and smooth skiing scenes have a dance club background. Then there is a scene with non stop funeral music for probably 8 minutes and is just plain annoying. This is an overall miss. Even FFWing to the action scenes this is maybe a 5.

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