Don't Move

2004 [ITALIAN]

Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 46%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 7983

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 9 / 10

Powerful Drama – Penélope Cruz Deserved a Nomination to the Oscar

While waiting for the brain surgery of his daughter Angela, victim of a motorcycle accident, the surgeon Timoteo (Sergio Castellitto) recalls his torrid affair with and passion for Italia (Penélope Cruz), a simple woman from slums in the periphery of the big city where he lives.

When I bought the DVD "Non ti Muovere", I was expecting to see an above average dramatic romance. I felt attracted by name of Penélope Cruz in the credits and the good references in IMDb, but my best expectations were superseded. "Non ti Muovere" is a very intense low budget movie, a precious gem to be discovered by movie lovers, with a touching and sad love story that recalled me Fellini's "Le Notti di Cabiria": There are two points very similar in these films: the character of the lonely and simple Italia, who works cleaning hotels, and recalled me the prostitute Cabiria; and the very poor isolated location in the slums where both characters (Italia and Cabiria) live. "Non ti Muovere" is more erotic, but both stories are centered in the humble female lead character. Penélope Cruz is awesome, with a stunning and heartbreaking performance of an abused woman with no possessions. She really deserved a nomination to the Oscar for such a wonderful acting. I do not follow the work of the practically unknown (to me) Sergio Castellitto, but his direction and performance in this film are outstanding. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Não se Mova" ("Do not Move")

Reviewed by sunwarrior13 8 / 10

Cruz And Castellitto Outweigh The Film's Flaws

Don't Move is an Italian film that stars Penélope Cruz, Claudia Gerini, Elena Perino and Sergio Castellitto.It was the second feature from actor/director Sergio Castellito and he co-wrote the script with his wife, actress/author Margaret Mazzantini from her best-selling novel.

Castellito stars as Timoteo, a successful surgeon and permissive father whose teenage daughter, Angela, has just had a life-threatening motorbike accident. Sitting in the hospital, wondering if his daughter will survive, Timoteo thinks back to a fateful day 15 years earlier when his car broke down on a remote country road in the rain and a bedraggled young woman, Italia, invited him into her ramshackle home only to have him force himself upon her. Timoteo then returned home to his lovely wife, Elsa. But unable to get Italia out of his mind, Timoteo returned again and again to her sordid shack. They began to develop genuine feelings for each other. Elsa is reluctant to have children, despite Timoteo's wishes, so when he learns that Italia is pregnant, he has a critical decision to make about how he wants to live his life.

The gritty performances from Cruz and Castellitto outweigh the film's flaws.It was a full-bodied love story with a wrenching impact that makes most of today's screen romances seem undernourished by comparison.Overall,it still a good view for people who love good romantic movies.

Reviewed by jotix100 7 / 10

Stay there!

Rain plays a big part in this account of a doomed love affair. At the center of the story is Timoteo, a successful Italian surgeon, happily married, by all appearances, but hiding a deep secret which he does not share with anyone. The narrative begins with a horrible accident in which Angela, his teen age daughter suffers a bad accident while riding her motorcycle in the rain. Timoteo, who is told by a colleague about Angela's ordeal, had been at the hospital all the time, but he must yield to another doctor to do the dangerous procedure on her daughter.

As he waits impatiently the result of Angela's operation, his mind wanders to another period of his life when he met, and fell passionately in love with Italia, a common woman from the country, now eking a life in the outskirts of Rome. They meet as Timoteo's car breaks down. Italia, who lives nearby offers the use of her phone to call for help with the car. Timoteo ends up raping the woman.

The affair continues because Timoteo cannot bear to part without this woman, in spite of being married to Elsa, a beautiful woman with lots of class. The rough sex with Italia turns into an affair as he cannot seem to have the will power to break it. Timoteo promises Italia he will tell his wife, but he never even broaches the subject. Timoteo manages to get Italia and Elsa pregnant at the same time. Italia, who realizes Timoteo will never leave his wife decides to end her pregnancy, something that eventually brings her own demise, leaving Timoteo to suffer.

Sergio Castellitto is a wonderful actor. In his second film as a director, he chose to adapt the novel written by his wife, Margaret Mazzantini, in this collaboration. It is a sexually charged account of a man who has lived through a horrible childhood as his father abandoned him at an early age. That event seems to be the root of all the problems in his Timoteo's mind. Having achieved success, as well as a good wife, he is hell bent on a self destructive journey that will ultimately ruin his life, feeling responsible for what he did to Italia.

It is hard to understand what made Timoteo act the way he did. Perhaps the rage he has kept in check for such a long time, triggers a behavior that is out of character for a man of his stature. Having it all, Timoteo embarks in an affair that will destroy a woman that gave her all to a man that could not appreciate her worth. His guilt comes to the surface as he faces his own daughter's accident where he is helpless to do anything for her, relying on his close colleagues to do the job.

The surprise in the film was Penelope Cruz who shows a different side from what she had been doing in the cinema. She usually casts a bland presence by being asked to play women out of her range. She is totally changed in this film in which director Castellitto must have influenced the way she is seen. There are a lot of symbols in the film. Italia is a sort of modern Cabiria, without her optimism and her attitude toward life. Italia is a more reserved woman who knows she is out of her league in her affair with Timoteo.

Sergio Castellitto shows he has interesting things to say to an audience. The fact that his character raped Italia is hard to understand. He even asks a close friend if he frequents prostitutes. In Timoteo's mind there is nothing more than feeling superior to Italia as he rapes her. Yet, his own guilty feelings will get the best of him, when he realizes Italia loved him selflessly. The beautiful Claudia Gerini appears as Elsa, Timoteo's wife.

Gianfilippo Corticelli, the cinematographer, captures the two opposite worlds of Timoteo's by juxtaposing them in ways that reminded us of some of the 1960s films in which the outskirts of Rome served as the background for a lot of them with the new buildings rising as future housing and then taking the action to luxury interiors. Mr. Castellitto shows he has learned his lesson in front of the camera and now moves behind it to give his fans a different view of things.

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