Double Blind



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jimmaclachlan1 3 / 10

Not really worth it, just too much bad.

The plot isn't bad & I liked the end, but the acting isn't very good. The star, Jennifer Jarrett, is terrible. Much of the time that can be ignored since she's supposed to be emotionally distant, but then she tries to show emotion & it's horrible. The action scenes aren't very good either. Some are passable & a couple of early ones are just chilling, but mostly they look like actors faking action. I don't really care for movies being made all in B&W. I guess it's supposed to be retro & artsy, but that's all I saw until I was a teenager. I LIKE color. Still, I wound up not even noticing it eventually & managed to watch the whole movie. Overall, I'd suggest skipping this unless you really need something to pass the time.

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 4 / 10

Spy noir modern

When a team of scientists on the verge of a medical breakthrough suddenly are killed, two agents come together to protect the last surviving scientist while trying to learn why these murders have happened. Seriously, these enemy agents mean business, because this starts with one of them meeting his girlfriend's family, who he immediately slaughters.

Director Thomas D. Moser usually specializes in special effects, which comes in quite handy here, as this movie has some decent effects. This is kind of what I imagine the pharmaceutical industry is really like, to be honest.

For some reason, this movie is in black and white, despite being set in modern times. I don't. Think that will take away from your enjoyment of this.

Reviewed by bjackson-739-450552 4 / 10

Barely worth it if you can tolerate or remove the camera shake

First let's get the worst part over with. The nausea and seizure inducing severe camera shake made my watching this directly from a stream absolutely intolerable. As I really wanted to see this film, I had to capture and save the stream. Once run through a strong de-shake video filter I was actually able to concentrate on the story line, acting, character development, and etc. For the most part the acting was on the low side of average. I found Jennifer J's portrayal of the lead character Jessica Tucker a little lacking at times but this could be from below par writing in spots. Character development for the main players was actually fairly decent for the most part. Story line was your basic Cancer Research Conspiracy Theory with some action and intrigue. This was shot in B & W, I guess to add to the artistic merit, and frankly, I don't think it made much difference.

Overall, once I got rid of most of the horrific camera shake I found this movie on the low side of average 4-4.5. Worth a watch but definitely not a keeper. That's my humble opinion.

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