Down, But Not Out!


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Reviewed by abigailtaylorsmith72 10 / 10

10 out of 10!

I saw this film last night on the cinema, with two of my best girlfriends, and even if it was a very simple and straight documentary movie, it remained in my head till this morning, when I decided that I should write some words about it. The IMDb wall was empty, so here I am. I'm not a film critic, but I am a film lover; especially I like documentaries cause real life subjects touch me more than fiction. Down, But Not Out! (Perfect title by the way) resumes in 70m the 24 hours that four women (all amateur) and their Coach, as they step for the first time into a boxing ring. Coach Prezmek surprised me by the way he treats each girl individually, as he seems to know how to touch the right buttons before each one of them faces their first fight. As a woman, I was touched by the sensibility of this man. The up-close camera work, and the absence of "talking heads", allows the audience to witness and relate to his mental and emotional connection to each fighter (and they are so different from each other) as he pushes them to fight their own limits. The stark black-and-white photography creates a unique documentary realism which works alongside with a beautiful and tense musical score that draws the audience on this characters study journey. It's haunting, tense, and by the end, the final words of the Coach will leave you wondering about the essence of fighting with a straight relation to our daily life struggles, whether we are boxers or not. 10 out of 10!

Reviewed by tom_mitchell5 10 / 10

A retro artistic boxing doc

I really loved this one! The film was not your typical commercial sports doc but more retro, artistic and dreamlike, somehow more pure. The choice to shoot it in black and white worked wonderfully with the fighters as they were composed of shapes and forms. Their movements in light and shadow pulled me into their boxing world. I also loved watching the mentor-ship of the coach with the women boxers. He was really motivating even though they all did not win a gold, his words to push them to excel themselves in the future even motivated me. I would recommend this doc to anyone who would like to see something different to the mainstream sports films out there. Great job to the filmmaker for putting this together!

Reviewed by krzysztof-elster 9 / 10

A different kind of boxing documentary

Had the opportunity to watch this after a friend recommended it to me. I thought it was pretty cool to follow what an amateur woman boxer goes up against in a competition in Poland. I don't know a lot about boxing so it was interesting to see how the film captured the hours before the fight. I think what I liked most about this documentary was that it didn't feel like a documentary. There were no interviews, it just followed the boxers and their coach into a competition and I watched as the events unfolded. It was a different approach that I surprisingly enjoyed very much. Also I must add, I normally do not go for the black and white films but this one kept my attention to the end.

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