Dragnet Night

1931 [FRENCH]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pscamp01 7 / 10

An old story told well

Dragnet Night is an early French talkie primarily known today as being one of the first movies written by Henri-Georges Clouzot, who would go on to create such classics as Wages of Fear and Les Diaboliques. It is the story of Georget, a recently discharged soldier who quickly acquires a girlfriend and a career as a boxer. Can he hold on to both, or are the two mutually exclusive? It's a common story and i suspect it was an old one even in 1931, but this time around it is told with considerable charm. As it is an early talkie, the movie does seem a little creaky at times, but it mostly zips along, with lots of shots that wryly comment on the action. The cast is extremely fine, with both Albert Prejean and Annabella giving engaging performances. I particularly enjoyed bit player Jacques Lerner, who must have started in show business as a clown and who found lots of ways to include small comedic bits to incorporate into his role as assistant trainer.

Reviewed by boblipton 6 / 10

An Old Tale, But In French This Time

Ex-sailor Albert Prejean runs into cabaret singer Annabella, and they hit it off. He gets roped into a fairground boxing match and knocks out ex-champion Constant Rémy. Rémy isn't angry. He's impressed and begins to train Prejean with money from comic-relief baron Lucien Baroux. When Prejean wins the French welterweight championship, however,he fouls up, goes on a tear with good-time girl Edith Méra. He shows up late for training for the European championship, and quarrels with Rémy.

In other words, it's just like a lot of boxing movies of the era, and the question is can Prejean redeem himself and get back to Rémy, Annabella and beat the English contender? Despite the hackneyed plot, it's a good example of the story, thanks to some superb performances, particularly Rémy's. It's directed by Carmine Gallone, who began directing in 1914, and would continue to direct until 1962. It also has two notable screenwriters who would achieve prominence as directors: Henri Decoin, and H.G. Clouzot. It was Clouzot's second movie-writing credit.

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