Dragon Dies Hard

1975 [CHINESE]

Action / Adventure / Drama

IMDb Rating 5.2 10 116

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Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10

Bruce Lee lives on (or at least his ghost does)

I caught this Taiwanese kung fu cheapie under the title BRUCE LEE, WE MISS YOU. It's a stock Bruceploitation effort which is quite cheeky in terms of plotting, featuring a staple Bruce Lee lookalike (Bruce Le) who idolises the real Bruce Lee and is devastated when his inspiration dies. Luckily enough for him, he's visited by the ghost of Bruce (played by a second Bruceploitation star, Bruce Li, the one who actually looked most like Lee himself) and inspired to go after his own gang of bad guys.

What follow is routine in the extreme but manages to pack in plenty of cheap action to keep bums on seats. Sadly, the fights are routinely staged and marred by the film's typically cheap and grainy presentation in home video prints, being fullscreen, of poor picture quality, and badly dubbed throughout. Lung Fei shows up for his regular bad guy role while the two Bruces go through the motions. It's nothing to get worked up about.

Reviewed by ckormos1 4 / 10

Another Bruce Lee exploitation movie just as expected in every way

The movie opens with Ho Tsung-Tao doing some kicks and punches over the opening credits. After the first opening fights, Ho Tsung-Tao gets a role in an action movie. At about the 19 minute mark is a big continuity error. Our hero disarms a swordsman yet the sword is instantly back in his hands in the next frame.

It was odd to see so many non-Asian extras and stunt men. In 1974, as far as fights go, there probably wasn't a non-Asian stunt man in the world who was a match for any Asian stunt man. That's one reason the fights are below average in this movie.

This is another movie exploiting Bruce Lee. The events in the movie relating to Bruce Lee's life are certainly not accurate. The movie was packaged for the VHS rental boom with Bruce Lee's name and likeness. This was not a deliberate search by movie makers to find another martial artist to replace Bruce Lee. It was simply deceptive advertising to sell a VHS of a movie made a few years ago.

These exploitation movies are well known as bad. This one is not the worst and that's about all I can say good about it. Ho Tsung-Tao is the lead. He is Lebanese and appeared as a stunt man in some Lebanese movies. He then appeared in Hong Kong and Taiwan movies as a stunt man. This movie is his first lead.

My copy is a digital file that plays on a HDTV in 4:3 format with English dubbing similar to the old VHS format. It looks as if recorded from a TV broadcast.

Today I think the only person watching this movie would be a hard core fan of martial arts movies of the golden age from 1967 to 1984. That fan would find this movie to be as expected - a movie exploiting Bruce Lee's life with action sequences all below average and overall bearing only passing resemblance to Bruce's life. I am such a fan and I watched this movie once to write this review and I am sure I will never watch it again.

Reviewed by Falconeer 3 / 10

Pathetic Waste of Film

During the heyday of the Kung Fu craze, countless movies like this were being churned out, some good, a few great, but mostly terrible. "Dragon Dies Hard" is one of the worst I have seen. Usually the problem is a weak story but worthwhile fighting scenes, but this trash has neither. There is literally no understandable plot beyond some guy being obsessed with Bruce Lee's death. He starts dating some bimbo and suddenly these old men become obsessed with HIM.. because he's dating the bimbo. Fights ensue, the end. And sadly the fight scenes are very few and totally unspectacular. Bruce Li was a fine athlete, but he seems to be sleep walking through this drivel. It's depressing to watch a movie knowing that nobody involved in its creation cared in the least about what they were doing.

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