Dragon Head


Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dbborroughs 7 / 10

Clichés and pacing hurts a wonderfully bleak film

There have been great Japanese disaster films like Submersion of Japan, and dreadful ones like Earthquake 7.9. This film falls between the best and worst in the good range.

A teenage boy wakes up on a train. He remembers traveling with his class somewhere when something happened, something terrible of which he is one of the few survivors. The first 40 minutes are set in a collapsed train tunnel where the survivors try to come to terms with their situation, both in the tunnel and in their heads. Its an odd way to start a film, but it works since it allows things to be set up and expectations to be dismantled.

After the 40 minutes the movie moves outside as the survivors struggle to travel across what is now a truly alien earth. What happened is not clear at least at first, but it was big and powerful and not over.

For the most part this film works in spades. Visually this film has set the bar to new end of the world films, and I can only imagine what a live action version of the manga and anime classic Akira would look like in the hands of these film makers. The acting is mostly fine with several eerie performances by several of the supporting cast. I also love the fact that this film is dealing with more than just destruction. There are ideas being battered about, as with the strange pair of kids who's father has removed that part of their brain that allows them to fear. Its trippy and creepy at the same time.

Unfortunately the film also has two serious, but not fatal problems. The first the film occasionally moves into cliché a couple of times, as in the crazed soldiers who hook up with our heroes. Why do we need this insanity, even if the film attempts to explain it? The other problem is the pacing is uneven. Sometimes sequences seem to go on a bit too long, while others are too speedy. It grated on this viewer and it felt longer than two hours. As I said its not fatal, but it is annoying because the film as a whole deserves better.

I liked this, especially its sense of the new world. 7 out of 10. See it if you get the chance.

Reviewed by Mark-129 7 / 10

Life among the ruins

Yes, the two leads are rather dull and the complete breakdown of society in about 48 hours, while explained by a few throwaway lines of dialog is a little hard to swallow. Still, Dragon Head is a success. A story where 2 high school kids emerge from what they think was an underground train wreck to find a natural disaster has decimated the entire countryside. Their immediate goal is to get to their homes in Tokyo. Along the way, the encounter the dregs of what remains of the populace, escaping death several times. The two youngsters also learn, that despite losing everything, in this new world, having each other is their most important possession. The ending is anti-climatic, but thanks to some nice special effects and upbeat music leaves off on a hopeful, if not positive note.

Reviewed by troika19 10 / 10

Finally a disaster pic worth watching.

After sitting through predictable bore fests I finally get a disaster movie that is worth two hours of My life.

Dragon Head (based on a manga of the same name) starts off like Your run of the mill train wreck movie with two teenagers teaming up up to escape the carnage as well as a totally flipped out third teen only to discover the World that they knew has all but been wiped out by an horrific disaster leaving only an almost deserted waste land where even the Sun is blocked from view by volcanic ash actually raining down to Earth like thick snow.

Basically the movie centers around the two leads trying to make it back to Tokyo and their adventures along the way with a cast of unique and at times plain creepy characters showing up along the way, there are some flaws here and there but overall this is a great emotional, bleak, depressing yet in the end hopeful movie that I fully enjoyed and I personally thought the two lead actors did a superb job and at times the visuals and landscape were depressing yet stunning.


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