Dragon Kingdom


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 3.7 10 392

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by crusadermagnus 1 / 10

Truly pathetic!

Ive been in several big budget films and a bunch of low budget and student films and of course watched thousands. Ive never seen worse.

As suggested elsewhere, they did in fact sneak into heritage reconstruction sites to film or got permission. I've been in that very village I believe.

They dont even bother to try to hide the 21st century signs though they do film from the back side of them but you can clearly see their shape and the modern bolts.

Even worse as they enter the first village look to the left of the screen as they pass the very small shed thats the size of a one man toll booth.

Plainly visible on the door is a modern calendar with a picture of a slice of pie on the top.

Then the circular seating area on their left as they enter is clearly made of planks sitting on modern concrete blocks.

Perhaps worse still. Look at any seem with farm animals and take not of the modern wire fencing.

It just gets worse and worse.

The acting is so incredibly lame, especially the pathetic troll called Prince Favian.

They should be ashamed they wasted their resources on this when 100 bucks of stage muslin could have fixed all the stuff I mentioned other than the acting.

Reviewed by rebeccagoring 1 / 10

Hilariously terrible.

This was just the worst movie I've ever laughed hysterically through!

Firstly, the sets. They made no effort to hide modern fixtures, such as fences and even warning signs on doors; even trying to hide plug sockets behind a candle at one point! It looked as though they had gone to a heritage site before the general public started arriving and just filmed away on a camcorder as quick as they could before any staff noticed!

The costumes. The zombies were just terribly made up, looking like a group of mates you'd find clubbing down town on Halloween weekend. The monsters had zips showing in the back of their costumes, and even gaps where their skin showed through!

The acting. One character in particular stands out here, Prince Favian played by Jon-Paul Gates. I was just lost for words at the worst acting I have ever witnessed in my life. A quick look at his imdb profile shows he has acted in other things, how this is possible is beyond me.

I wondered if the film makers had made it this bad on purpose, however it became clear that this is a serious movie. How they can claim it is from the same special effects team as Harry Potter is baffling.

I do actually recommend watching this movie, as I have not laughed so much in a long time!

Reviewed by wijnandbodrij 2 / 10


This looks like a bunch of LARP (Live Action Role Playing) enthousiasts pooled some money, and made a film together. If you ask me, they should have kept it to themselves for private viewing only. If you are a fantasy fan, don't waste your time with this,it's not worth 85 minutes of anyones life. I'll give it a 2 for the effort since I don't hand out a score of 1 easily.

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