Drew Michael: Drew Michael



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ruben-62447 1 / 10


I thought it was suppose to be a stand up special. Not a drama

Reviewed by I3ricktop 1 / 10


Spend your time doing something else besides watching the Narcisistic Cluster B drivel.

Reviewed by thedandavid-02677 1 / 10

Locked in a room with Drew

Watching this "comedy standup" special will without a doubt induce a panic attack in even the strongest willed, stable minded person. It feels as if you are locked in a room with no exits with an unstable man, spewing his darkest most cringeworthy secrets. An insestual spiral of Freud's greatest hits. This is not an exaggeration, this is the most truthful review I have ever written. If you're a person who finds this brilliant, you're the same type of person who finds a toilet in the middle of an art gallery thought provoking and moving. Flush this thing down the drain, I'm sorry if you already put yourself through the torment that is Drew Michael's inner thoughts. It's cold and dark in there, I still feel haunted by his ominous stare. A+

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