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terminal illness duel human clone

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May 20, 2022 at 06:46 AM


Top cast

Karen Gillan as Sarah
Theo James as Robert Michaels
Aaron Paul as Trent
Riley Stearns as Gas Station Cashier
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FeastMode 8 / 10

The best kind of weird

I feel like this movie will be divisive. This kind of weird will work for some but not for others. And I am certain this movie will piss off many people. But for me, everything worked. This movie is awesome.

I was intrigued as soon as it started, especially since I watched no trailers and knew nothing about it going in. And that intrigue never let up. I was fully invested from beginning to end.

This is helped by the unique style that gives the movie so much character. Everything from the dialogue and line delivery, to the dark comedy aspects, to the eerily beautiful shots and cinematography.

All of this enhances what is an already interesting premise, which is then taken in all the right directions. Add a great performance by Karen Gillan, who is becoming one of my favorites. Sprinkle in a bit of craziness, and you have yourself a highly enjoyable and memorable film. (1 viewing, opening Thursday 4/14/2022)


What the heck happened? Seriously, what happened??? I want to know so bad. Especially with the car basically destroyed. Some people are going to be so mad leaving the theater. Even though I really wanted to know, I wasn't mad. Well maybe a little. 10% mad with a smile on my face.

I assume that Sarah wasn't poisoned enough and was able to fight her double. But not just a regular fight, a huge long battle eventually involving a major collision or rollover in her car. The action junkie in me really wanted to see that, but I guess that's not the point. We're not watching an action movie. It's not really important compared to the outcome of the fight...

Which we also don't know. Rofl. Some people are going to be sooooo mad. I think it works both ways. It's possible Sarah's double won, stole her clothes and phone, really does hate Mexican food, really is going to use the brown contact lenses that mother ordered for her.

It's also possible that Sarah won, knows her mom and boyfriend were in on the plan to poison her, pretends to be the double to them, pretends to pretend to be the original to everyone else, lies about hating Mexican food, and throws away the brown contact lenses her mother bought for her.

That's pretty damn awesome. If I had to choose, I think it's the second one. I find it more fitting with her choosing to go back to her old life even though the two people closest to her tried to have her killed. She was lying to herself earlier when she said she was making a new life. And she chose this even though she has to act like the double and like what she likes. She can't even be herself. Also, I didn't notice an inflection when she said Peter.

Reviewed by JackCowart34 9 / 10

A Hysterical Look at Our Own Mortality

I've never had the pleasure of viewing a Riley Stearns movie before this gem of a film. And if any of them are as hilariously original as this one, I want to delve into his filmography. Karen Gillian caught my attention for the first time in Jumaji, and in this she plays a far more complicated role(s) and flourishes. She displays impressive comedic timing and a depth that she hasn't gotten the chance to explore until now. This is Paul's best work since Breaking Bad, and this role was perfectly suited for him. I also found myself genuinely belly laughing on more than one occasion, yet I wouldn't classify this as a traditional comedy. Additionally, it contained a litany of thought provoking situations that had me thinking long after the credits had rolled. It's a shame it hasn't been talked about as much as some movies that clearly have less ambition, and less to say about society. Go into the film with an open mind, and no preconceived notions, and I guarantee it will surprise you.

Reviewed by Smushface 7 / 10

Fun, dry humor, classic horror film

This is a non-gruesome psychological horror artistic film with a lot of deadpan humor, which is what I think they were going for. It was an interesting watch and I enjoyed it, but within the first 15 minutes I found myself thinking "this is 100% a festival film for artsy film types, now I get why it's only playing in one theater for one week in the largest city in America. Sure, it could have been a bit more polished, but they told the story they were looking to tell and succeeded in bringing it to life. The story is surely imperfect, but it surprised me more than once by taking me places I hadn't expected it to go, and there was a touch of beautiful tragedy to it. So if you like that kind of thing, I think it's worth a watch or two. If you don't, I think you'll struggle to pick up on and understand the layers in this film unless you've done something like taken a film analysis class.

The only thing that I hated about the movie was Aaron Paul pronouncing "cache" (as in, collection or stockpile) as "cash-shay"... how did nobody in that entire production not tell him it's pronounced "cash" - like money? There's no plot relevance or humor value to it, so it just feels like a huge oversight. Also, I count the table as a weapon.

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