Duel of the Titans

1961 [ITALIAN]

Action / Adventure / Drama / History / War

IMDb Rating 5.9 10 559

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Steve Reeves as Romulus
Virna Lisi as Julia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10

Two towering sword and sandals stars in a historical exciting production

A good cinematic adaptation from legendary history of Rome founders which joined two Peplum's two greatest heroes . Two twin brothers , sons of God Marte and Rea Silvia are dropped to the river Arno . They are breast-feed by a she-wolf . One time grown-up , Rómulo (Steve Reeves) and Remo (Gordon Scott) for the foundation of city of Roma fight against the dictator king Amulio (Volpi) ruler from Alba-Longa . Romulo kidnaps a gorgeous princess (Virna Lisi) falling in love , then her father , the King (Massimo Girotti) of Sabinos pursues them . Romulo and Remo arrive in the valley of sevens hills (Palatino , Capitolino..) , battleground for warring rival brothers and they confront each other . Romulo will make a furrow , as signal of Roma foundation . Romulo became a King (753-15 B.C) uniting the various slopes ; his successor was Numa Pompilio (Enzo Cerusico) .

This is an enjoyable myth-opera with struggles , love and hatred , tortures and including meticulously battle scenes that convey us a spectacular scenario . Reeves and Scott are perfect as the mythical heroes who encounter pretty risked situations while trying to find a location for foundation a city . The producers originally wanted Steve Reeves to play both Romulus and Remus , but he declined to do double roles and recommended former Tarzan Gordon Scott and the protagonists were both born in the same year -1926- . Steve Reeves achieved an enormous success as Peplum starring (Hercules , Hercules and Queen of Lidia , Battle of Marathon) and nobody topped him in popularity . Gordon Scott was the second greatest hero , he played as Goliath in various movies and other bouncing characters (Coroliano , Muzio Scevola , Lion of Tebas) . Agreeable screenplay with historical remarks by two Spaghetti Western masters : Sergio Leone and Duccio Tessari . Colorful cinematography by Enzo Barboni (Trinity/Hill and Bambino/Spencer films director). The motion picture was well directed by Sergio Corbucci (Django) . Rating : Above average muscle-men and better than most epic opera-spaghetti , thanks to Steve Reeves and Gordon Scott .

Reviewed by steven-222 8 / 10

Legendary Founders of Rome

One of these days, I hope, we'll see a serious re-evaluation of the so-called sword & sandal genre of historical/mythic epics produced in Italy in the 1950s and '60s. When seen in ideal circumstances—excellent prints in the original widescreen formats—the best examples of the genre are quite impressive. DUEL OF THE TITANS (ROMOLO E REMO) is one of the best, and it's magnificent.

This is not a muscleman fantasy with superhuman feats of strength, like HERCULES, but a serious retelling of the foundation myth of Rome. Various elements of the Romulus and Remus story are freely but intelligently reinterpreted, the sets and costumes have a convincing Iron Age look, and the larger-than-life characters of the legendary Twins are strongly portrayed by Gordon Scott and Steve Reeves. Both actors are at the peak of their considerable cinematic charisma. (Virna Lisi as Julia and Ornella Vanoni as the pants-wearing Tarpeia are also impressive!)

As I write (2006), the movie is virtually impossible to find except as a bootleg. It deserves a DVD release of a quality widescreen print.

Reviewed by dinky-4 6 / 10


Steve Reeves was the "god" of these sandal-and-spear movies and Gordon Scott the "demi-god," and here you have them together playing brothers in one of the best examples of the genre. Plus Virna Lisi! In telling the tale of Romulus and Remus, this manages to include one of filmdom's odder whipping sequences. Steve Reeves is spreadeagled to a vertical frame which is rapidly rotated by one man while another man goes at Steve's chest with a whip. Curiously, though the whipper goes at his work with a vengeance, at the end of the sequence, Steve only has about 4 welts on his skin!

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