Dybbuk Box: The Story of Chris Chambers



IMDb Rating 5.3 10 497

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by totex-1 1 / 10


Don't waste your time on this. The most terrifying aspect of this "movie" is it's dragged out for an hour.

Reviewed by serahserah 1 / 10

Did someone spend money for this to be made!!

I'm not even 15 minutes in and the number of flaws if impressive. Who edited/directed/produced this horror (as in horror to movie making). First as he's buying the box he reads the description saying it can only be traded. Then stops filming the screen to not show his BILLING INFORMATION. Next a box with no address labels shows up. Next 5 solid minutes of him waving an annoying beeping detector around the box telling us it's beeping. REALLY!? REALLY!? Latex gloves protect from demonic possession, hahahahhahahhahahha. How many times can he repeat the obvious!? This guy can't act. My cat's tail is more interesting.

Reviewed by jyanni-78808 7 / 10

Thought is was good.

If you take it for what it is and suspend your belief for a minute, it's pretty creepy. There were multiple parts that gave me chills down my spine. I think people are too caught up in special effects and gore that something creepy doesn't entertain them anymore.

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