Eat the Rich


Action / Comedy / Crime

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 43%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 81%
IMDb Rating 6 10 1309

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mort & Spunky the awesome cat 8 / 10

Seriously warped, sick & fun

You'll need to be in the right mood (something like "the entire world is on my last nerve") to fully appreciate this one. Better than most John Waters' films; same genre, if it is a genre. Capitalists may not get it, but for the rest of us it's a rare treat.

Reviewed by mentalcritic 10 / 10

I originally thought Lanah Pellay was a woman...

...after all, who wouldn't with that high, squeaky voice and that plump, rounded body? If you think the confusion about this movie stops there, then you're going to be in for a nasty surprise. Everything from unemployment and terrorism to the callousness of the English upper class is satarised here with as much subtlety as a sledgehammer. Numerous cameos are made by members of the hard rock community (Brian Johnson of AC/DC fame being my personal favourite), while one of the hardest rockers of them all, Motörhead bassist/vocalist Lemmy Kilmister, has a starring role.

My favourite moments in the film? (Some plot spoilers ahead.) Well, the robbery of the DHSS office to the beat of Ace Of Spades is a great one, as is the sequence where Spider and his boss cycle through the countryside while Orgasmatron plays in the background. I find it so amusing that radio stations here claim to know what driving music is when Motörhead has never made it into their playlists. Then again, you sort of expect this kind of stupidity from radio stations these days. Another favourite of mine is the dinner party, where we get to see all of Motörhead as they play Doctor Rock. Check out Rik Mayall dancing in the crowd, it's a riot.

Main star Lanah Pellay takes ham-fisted acting to a whole new level when he/she/it and friends take over the restaurant, subtly known as B***ards before the gang change the name to Eat The Rich. "B***ards, can I help you?" is now my favourite way to answer a phone. There has never been a funnier way to answer the phone, in fact. If you ever go to a restaurant where one of the main menu items is Manager With Chips, whatever you do, don't order that one. All in all, I give Eat The Rich six out of ten. It is crude, it is crass, it is exceptionally vulgar, but it's the funniest thing I've seen about fine dining.

Reviewed by sdribble 7 / 10

Definitely not for everyone...

OK, real quick, a correction of someone else's review:

1. Brian Johnson of AC/DC is NOT in this movie.

2. The song in the employment office scene is 'Nothing Up My Sleeves', not 'Ace of Spades.' Having said that...

The film is definitely not for everyone, but for being a small film with a small budget and mostly television actors, its really not bad. The humor is often subtle and easy to miss if you don't pay attention. There's a lot of cameos ranging from 3 of the 4 'Young Ones' stars to Sir Paul McCartney, which just makes the movie weirder, like 'What the %%%% is HE doing in THIS??' Overall its not a bad movie, just don't rent it expecting 'Gone With the Wind.'

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