Eating Our Way to Extinction



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SamD-10812 10 / 10

A refreshing attempt at a tough subject

The problem with so many vegan documentaries is that they are so sensationalist and instead of having respected scientists they use "researchers" to carry the so-called vegan agenda. When you watch things like Seaspiracy or Cowspiracy - whilst well-meaning - they are full of hooded characters all dressed in black like animal rights protesters at an ANTIFA convention and push extreme science and and anecdotal stories which will NEVER appeal to the masses.

Whats unique and very refreshing about Eating Our Way To Extinction is that is has moved past all that, and somehow miraculously manages to gently but powerfully push forward the same message of changing your food away from animal products, without being all preachy and "holier-than-thou".

As someone who has recently tried to change my diet for environmental reasons and struggled to do so for a few years, I found this film to be that push that I finally needed. I hope a lot of people get to watch this as I feel that it will appeal to a lot of people, in a way that previous attempts have never been able to.

Reviewed by conorsmyth-46848 10 / 10

Definitely worth a watch

Great documentary and definitely worth a watch. It's done in a way that keeps it factual and light enough so you don't feel depressed by the issues it's tackling and can retain the important information.

Reviewed by TyWoods777 10 / 10

This film will change many many people

I don't normally write reviews but I was so moved by the transformative power of this film I felt I needed to share. For many years, my family and friends have always made fun of me for not consuming animal products, I've tried explaining why its important and I've shown them every vegan documentary I can from Cowspiracy to What The Health but they always just laugh and say its vegan agenda trash.

I finally managed to persuade my whole family and 6 of my friends to come to the theatre to watch the film (I had to buy the tickets myself lol). After the film had finished, to my great suprise, all of them - including my dad - who hates vegans - said they simply couldn't argue with the film and said that it had made such a powerful case that they all were going to make a change in their diet. 6 days later and my dad is now almost completely vegan and says he feels great, my mum is cooking almost completely vegan meals 3 times a day for us all, and my friends keep sending me photos of all their veggie food they are eating and genuinly seem proud to be making a change. It's like the film has a magical seret spell in it making people change their diets.

It is incredibly well made and has just the right amount of emotions, story telling and facts mixed together in the perfect balance. It's mature and cinematic and not preachy at all and I think that is what really made a big difference compared with other vegan films I've shown to others before.

All I can say is that I wish this film had existed years ago, if you have stubborn friends and family that are not open to moving away from animal products then this film is a must watch.

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