Eight Gifts of Hanukkah


Drama / Romance

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Oliver Rice as Nigel
David Kaye as Jacob Levin
Jake Epstein as Daniel
Natalie Malaika as Keisha
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackbv123 7 / 10

Not much mystery for viewer

The anonymous gift premise isn't the most common and since this is Hanukkah, the traditional activities are different from all the Christmas movies, but there is still a charity function that all the romantic interests work on.

Jake Epstein's Daniel and Inbar Lavi's Sara (spelling as per the gift cards) have great chemistry despite supposedly being just friends. I'm beginning to really appreciate Epstein who seems to bond well with his opposite whether the story is about Hanukkah or Christmas. Lavi is new to me, but I liked her almost at once.

I think the viewer knows who the sender is almost from the first gift, but it's not long in the movie before he confesses to a friend. A lot of attention is paid to his frustration that all the other male candidates are getting.

Reviewed by jewhitmer25 4 / 10

OK movie

Didn't see any real chemistry between Jake Epstein and Inbar Lavi, but they both did an adequate job.

Plot: Only a causal; connection Hanukkah, I was hoping for more about Hanukkah. Sara is receiving gifts nightly from a secret admirer for Hanukkah. The gifts are clearly sent by someone who knows her well. So of course the first one she suspects is an Internet date, then a customer at her optometry business, then her ex-boyfriend who she broke up with because he always more attention to his job then he did to her. It never occurs to her that the guy who has been her brother's best friend since childhood and is always included in family events might be in the best position to know so much about her. Talk about clueless in Seattle, the Space Needle is in the opening scenes.

IMDb does not put her name 1st or second, her picture and name are halfway down the page.

But they do end up together, so I guess this is a happy ending, I just wanted more about Hanukkah and a leading lady who was not so clueless.

Adequate movie, not a waste of time, but not one I would watch again.

My advice: If you are a Hallmark Movie junkie watch it by all means. But if you are a Hallmark movie junkie, you might want to start with another movie.

Reviewed by gfrasmd 6 / 10

How many gifts does it take....?

Let's begin with by stating the movie is only casually related to Hanukkah. It is about a guy trying to win the heart of the girl he pines for, with eight thoughtful gifts. Though the idea is not really innovative, it may still work for a romantic story. Sara(h), Inbar Lavi, is quite beautiful and accomplished and Daniel is rendered pleasant by Jake Epstein's somewhat endearing goofiness. The overall result is a show that has some substance and charm. An improvement would have been to characterize a bit more the spiritual side of the Holiday. A major one could have been to give more consistency to Sara(h) 's personality. She is purported to be a bright, sensitive young woman. How credible it is that she, receiving a series of gifts, clearly highly personal and reaching her more intimate thoughts, could even consider they would come from suitors she has just met? I guess this was done in order to create more drama. Yet, how can a viewer embrace a heroine who is wonderful and clueless at the same time? Thus said, I still liked the movie enough for a passing grade.

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