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Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 6 / 10

Let's all go commando!

When a flashy promoter (Brian Baumgartner, Kevin from The Office) sells sound man Erik (Andrew Eakle) - who has a rant on Christian rock in this movie that must be heard to be believed, because it goes way beyond just Petra and Stryper - and his favorite local Christian hair metal band 316 on a bus tour in the summer of 1986.

Can they deliver on their desire to make Jesus famous while becoming rock stars? And will their friendship survive?

I was struck by just how much I enjoyed this movie, as it got across what it feels like to be in a band beyond just the joy of playing on stage. Additionally, the struggles between fame and faith felt feal here while keeping the movie focused on being pretty funny.

Judd Nelson plays a minister whose daughter yearns for the open road. And you know, I can't believe that this movie went from "I guess I'll watch a few minutes" to making me emotional at the end after learning about where her journey takes her.

Even if you know nothing about the world of 80s religious metal, you have to admire a movie that has a band whose most well-known song is "Commando for Christ."

Reviewed by fuqshytup 3 / 10

Great concept, poorly executed

It was a great twist on the rock n roll road movie. But the poor writing and directing doomed an otherwise promising movie.

The main actors did great with what they had, but it was clear they were held back by the script. The bit parts were for some reason given to non-actors and they stuck out like a sore thumb.

The "real rock club" scene was melodramatic nonsense based on a caricature of what the writer/director must have hear rock clubs were like. It seems apparent that he's never been to one.

The band drama at the end (no spoilers) was painfully forced and out of character. It just filled the "something bad happens here" screenplay worksheet that the writer seems to have been using.

Reviewed by riesel72 7 / 10

Entertaining & heart-felt

This one was a little genre-defying at first but you quickly realize it is a SERIOUS film that takes it's subject matter and characters seriously, but it is also a comedy with some genuine laugh-out loud moments populated by some refreshingly relatable and genuine characters surrounded by a rather good soundtrack.

DO NOT dismiss this as a low-tier "faith based" film, even though almost all the characters are Christian. The scenes know just when to cut away so it is not preachy but instead both showcasing what the life of a Christian is like while allowing audiences to get a good hint at the message the scene is showcasing, even though the message is not being pounded over your head.

It is neither mocking of religious folk nor caving to portraying them the way most faith-based movies do.

These multi-dimensional characters are VERY HUMAN, with their own flaws. That get put into realistic situations. You understand why the characters are the way they are and the choices they make without exposition-heavy scene after scene to explain it.

The plot is not predictable so you will be entertained by the character's surprising choices (and both surprising & sometimes not surprising consequences) that develop throughout the story which culminates into an extended epilogue that is heart-warmingly emotional without being sappy.

And yes, Brian Baumgartner ("Kevin" from the office) does have a substantial role... think Tom Hanks role in "That Thing You Do" except we get to know this multi-dimensional character here a lot more. However, the performances from his fellow actors are equally top-notch so you will very quickly be invested in all these characters instead of remembering Baumgartner is one of the only recognizable stars (which is a testament to all the actors ability). To me, it's much better to get drawn into a story & characters than to stop & think to yourself "these are great actors" (which ye can do after the movie is long over).

While there is no traditional big stadium with huge audience scene, the filmmakers stretched the million dollar budget to make it seem like a film with a much bigger budget but the story & characters are so enthralling, you probably won't care what the budget is as the production values service this story very well.

It's not the greatest movie ever made, but it is not a bad movie at all. It has all the ingredients that make a good film.

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