Electric Love



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 92%
IMDb Rating 5.2 10 292

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Kinna McInroe as Bunny the Houseguest
Erik Griffin as Officer Joi
Mia Serafino as Emma
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jangreenhill1 5 / 10

A real review

The sheer number of fake reviews for this film are insane. Literally only two reviewers have ever reviewed anything else.

Ignore the 10's, ignore the 1's. this film is a 5. As independent comedies go, it is not terrible, but I drags in parts, and the acting is sometimes only slightly better than bad.

I watched this film hungover and it entertained me enough to look at the IMDB page (it's why I'm here), but I won't be sad if I never watch it again, and is all likelihood I'll forget it.

It's distinctly average, the gay couple were cute, and the lead actress might end up with c level fame.

Reviewed by hopeterry 10 / 10

Must see

Hilarious, serious, thoughtful. All of this in one feature film. Definitely worth your time.

Reviewed by jasamo 7 / 10

Nice surprise

What I actually wanted to watch took forever to download. I chucked on TV to find something to kill time when this was literally just starting.

I thought it was gonna be awful but it was a really nicely put together movie that hit on a lot of the feelings and pit falls of relationships and dating without being overly preachy.

Good actors and it overall felt genuine - definitely worth a watch.

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