Embrace the Panda: Making Turning Red



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 73%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by r96sk 6 / 10

A neat look behind the scenes of 'Turning Red', though not the most interesting

A neat look behind the scenes of 'Turning Red', though not the most interesting. The actual film is very good, fwiw.

It's more about the people who made the film as opposed to the film itself, which is all fine but I'm always more interested in the onscreen stuff and the cast. We get to see a bit of Rosalie Chiang and a bit of Sandra Oh, but that's basically it. Animated films in general always seem to not showcase 'actors in the booth', which is kinda annoying. Like here, it's cool to see Oh in the booth - needed more of that for the whole cast! Of course, logistically that might not have been possible - though for this documentary they do send a separate camera crew to (pleasantly, I'd like to add) film a crew member's family so...

This also completely sidesteps the controversy of theatrical release vs. Disney+ release. As expected, no doubt, but it feels like a massive elephant - or, should I say, panda ... sorry - in the room throughout. In conclusion, this serves a purpose but it's not as interesting as it could've been - in my opinion, obvs. It does, at least, shed light on important real world topics to be fair.

Reviewed by veortiz-24084 10 / 10

Funny, relatable, and fun!

Contrary to what another reviewer said here, this movie details relatable experiences of young teenagers. From first time crushes, to bodies changing, they are all real experiences. So quip that with some humor, and heartfelt anger, "Turning Red" what so methodically thought out. Pixar is ever evolving with their films and this small documentary into the the influences of creating the film was so well done. To the reviewer who said "it made them sick to their stomach,"... sucks that you felt that way! Contrary to their opinion, this movie is getting the reviews it deserves!

Reviewed by cathyeredmond 2 / 10

Very inappropriate

If you're going to make a movie about kids rebelling and lying to their parents, boy obsession, puberty, inappropriate thoughts/lasting, etc.. then it might be a good idea to either rate the movie as a lot higher than PG or add some kind of hint in the trailer. As parents, we were SHOCKED at what was unnecessarily included in this film and we would have NEVER let our young kids view this film. I am sick to my stomach about it,. To each their own on what they let their kids watch, but like I said, maybe give a little more notice as to what we are exposing our kids to.

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