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college male friendship

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by spencerone 2 / 10


How are films like this still getting made? It reminds me of the horror movies that started off interesting, and then you realize you are watching the same film over and over and over again. This is another set of diverse good characters and white bad people. Wait until it appears on tv rather than the cinema.

Reviewed by zackerman24 5 / 10

A Solid Concept and Commentary That Needs a Better Edit

At its core, Emergency has an incredibly interesting and important story to tell. However, it fails to deliver a truly engrossing or cinematic experience. Scenes run long and there is a stark lack of music throughout most of the film. It results in a viewing experience that feels like "I'm just watching things happen" rather than watching a specific, artistic creation.

Still, I think there is a strong base to the movie's story, the actors' chemistry, and the characters' relationships. I simply wish there was more personality to the filming. A movie like this would have been much more engaging with a Jordan Peele-like take, honing in on the horror or suspense of the situation. Or perhaps, a stronger lean into the comedy. The actual result is a movie that fails to be very funny when it means to be, and also fails to deliver much suspense when needed.

Reviewed by Jblum5 9 / 10

Best film at Sundance !

Emergency is about a group of college kids who are trying to survive a night of mishap and craziness. For me this movie has it all - comedy , drama and some heartfelt moments.

The jokes in this movie are consistently funny throughout. Some are "woke" which I think trigger some bad reviews but I was belly laughing throughout this movie's run time .

The other highest compliment I can give this movie it really does it's own thing with story telling. (No spoilers so I will be vague.) the movie doesn't feel the need to complete a checklist of "our characters need to do this, they need to fight with this character, this character needs a back story , this character needs to fall in love for no reason .. ect) You love these characters immediately and the film makers are confident in delivering their story based on this. There are a lot of comparisons to Superbad, Harold and Kumar and Good Time that I've seen but this movie takes things in a slightly different direction and it doesn't forget to be hilarious.

There are certainly a few plot holes and/or plot conveniences but if you want a decent drama with great laughs and lovable characters this is your best bet this year.

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