Emicida: AmarElo - It's All for Yesterday


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by suripat 9 / 10

Superb! Worth every moment.

So subtle, delicate. Such a great way of speaking about the rights of black people in Brazil for such hard and controversial theme. Beautiful arrangements for presenting Rap and Hip Hop with great elegance inside the Teatro Municipal, which is a grand Theater in São Paulo, Brazil, venue for the Week of Modern Art in 1922. This guy is a poet and knows how to tell a story. It doesn't matter if you never listened to rap, watch this!

Reviewed by katyara 10 / 10


'Amarelo' means yellow in Portuguese. But AmarElo - a pun on the words 'love' (amar), 'yellow' and 'link' (elo), as if to say that love is the bond that ties us up - is one of the most important albums in recent Brazilian discography. Giving birth to the idea of a 'neo-samba', the album-that-became-an-essential-doc fuses styles and tells the story (tells the history) of the foundation (and oppression) of black culture in Brazil. Emicida - an unparalleled artist, a genius - roams through the samba-capoeira-candomblé universe to find out who we are and what we have become (cultural and politically) - and to root his album and his origins. It's undoubtedly one of the most important movies of the decade, 'cause it rewrites what Brazilian elites have always tried to erase: that we are a country built on black blood; that we are a country that has appropriated black culture for years; that we are a country that has silenced black artists, black philosophers, black writers for centuries. But not anymore. Emicida has come to put an end to this. It's a movie about respect. It's a movie about visibility. It's a movie about reconstruction. But it's definitely a movie about love. Above all - love for those who came before us; love for the gods from Yorubá culture; love for our ancestors. It's all about what we may become if we fight this fight as one. Linked. In (through) love.

Reviewed by fernmagcutz 10 / 10

Best 2020 Brasilian documentary!

It's a history class, about brazillian music evolution from samba to rap and brazillian black people fight through last hundred years, very strong emotional material. The editor really shine on this, is a must watch.

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