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Reviewed by TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews 6 / 10

I'm out

This is the third film I've watched in recent memory(The Girl from Petrovka and Gotcha!) set behind the iron curtain, and it is by far the one that feels the least like a piece of propaganda(it is also the only of the three that was released after the wall fell). In fact, it feels like a pretty realistic depiction. I haven't watched anything else by this director nor by either writer. This was apparently based on real events, and it feels rather authentic. It is genuinely fairly engaging, it builds tension nicely, and the suspense is great. The twist at the end definitely surprised me, and worked immensely well with what had happened up to that point. Sutherland is excellent as always, and Archer(who I've only been exposed to in the two Jack Ryan films she was in) is marvelous, as well. May, however... I think it would be more appropriate to call what she does "reading her lines", as it just does not qualify as "acting". Unfortunately, she's pretty heavily featured in spite of that. The rest of the performances are varied. Few even attempt to pull off a Russian accent. The characters are fine, and you do sympathize to Josef's situation. There is some strong language and a little violence in this. I recommend this to fans of exciting thrillers with a bit of a spy-flavor to them. 6/10

Reviewed by LeonardKniffel 9 / 10

A Fine Achievement in Advance of the Fall of Communism in Poland

This largely forgotten film is exceptional in every way. A Canada-Israel-France co-production set in 1979 and released in 1990, it was filmed in Warsaw and Gdansk and stars two Hollywood actors playing-rather convincingly-Poles caught in the communist system of deception, intrigue, and party loyalty. A rather smug Jozef Borski is suddenly banished from the politburo. When he asks, "What did I do?" he is told, "Nothing." This leads to a bewildering set of events that throw his family life into turmoil. Donald Sutherland and Anne Archer play the leads with poignant authenticity, and the filming on location gives real insight into life in Poland before the Soviet Union and the Communist Party released their grip on the nation. Note also that the Polish national anthem and the Polish version of the "Happy Birthday" song, "Sto Lat," can be heard at the beginning of the movie.

Reviewed by sydneypatrick 7 / 10

Intriguing but uneven

1979 Communist Poland; Donald Sutherland's high ranking official suddenly finds himself without priviledge and no explanation as to why. Nothing and no one is safe in his world. His friends no longer want to be seen with him, his special needs daughter (Jodhi May) is removed from her Geneva school and returned to Poland over night, his wife (Anne Archer) endures an emotional breakdown under the duress, as he finds himself in impossible circumstances at every turn. This film works in showing the subversive wickedness of Communism - how in theory it is government for the masses but in reality it may deny individuals any and all rights on a lark. But the pacing is not always sure of itself and the performances range from even handed (Sutherland) to overwrought (Archer). Worth a look.

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