Emma Fielding Mysteries Past Malice



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Fulvio Cecere as Sebastian
Ben Wilkinson as Victor Bradford
Sitara Hewitt as Adelle Fisher
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 6 / 10

Collecting treasures

An eccentric millionaire dies and two years later his estate is still being appraised. One of the appraisers is Courtney Thorne-Smith archeologist who is doing her second Emma Fielding story Past Malice.

The deceased has also amassed a lot of collectible antiques and he wasn't too discriminating about seeing what they might be worth. For example Professor Fielding has to tell his nephew that he does not have an original Mayflower Compact copy. None purportedly exists though if one were ever found I daresay it would be worth more than the rest of the estate combined.

There's also a legendary curse on the family and the death of the family butler and keeper of all the secrets and an eccentric and iconoclastic archaeological colleague of Fielding's seems to lend credence.

I can safely say that these people met their demises at the hands of a real criminal with a most earthly motive. Which Courtney Thorne-Smith and her companion FBI agent James Tupper do uncover.

Emma Fielding is a nice entry in that collection of feminine detectives for the millenial generation that Hallmark has produced.

Reviewed by agabides 1 / 10

It's entertainment

Idk why everyone is hating on Emma Fielding Past Malice. It's for entertainment I'm sure they weren't trying to win an Oscar. It's fiction and it's fun. People stop being so negative can't you just enjoy. If you don't like it find something else. Don't ruin it for others by telling the whole story.

Reviewed by dozar23 8 / 10

Awesomely cheesy!

I love these Agatha Christie "Who done it" movies!

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