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Courtney Thorne-Smith as Emma Fielding
Fulvio Cecere as Sebastian
Ben Wilkinson as Victor
Lorne Cardinal as Sheriff Stannard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by carolynocean 8 / 10

I Enjoyed It !

Yikes folkes, there is a lot of negativity in the reviews, which surprises me a little, especially towards Courney Thorne Smith, regarding her acting , her age and her looks. I like her very much and found the ageism comments very harsh, and as for her face ?, name any actress that has NOT had a bit of help along the way!!

So , back to the movie, I really enjoyed it for what it is, a light hearted daytime mystery thriller, kept me interested and I really liked the cast members , not as wooden as many other mystery dramas ( namely Garage Sale Mystery movies ) I give a 7 rating, well worth a watch!!

Reviewed by somelikeithotz 9 / 10

Make more

Make more of these please. I've been following Courtney Thorne Smith for over 20 years since Melrose Place (yes I'm old). She always puts in solid and believable performances. We need more strong female leads and Courtney is the one to do it. Love the mystery, setting, and chemistry. Hoping there will be more this year and next.

Reviewed by epalmer1 5 / 10

The Maine problem with this film

I could accept the formulaic script, predictable plot, and two-dimensional characters of this film-I watch this kind of movie to relax and not have to think too hard. But trying to pretend that British Columbia was Maine was more than my imagination could handle! If an east coast location and American actors were too expensive, why couldn't they have tweaked the story to suit a west coast setting? Professor Fielding could just as easily have been searching for artifacts of Spanish expeditions to the Pacific Northwest or Native American burial sites as trying to prove the existence of an early Pilgrim settlement. It was so ridiculously obvious that this was not Maine that I couldn't think of anything else throughout the entire movie.

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