En kärlekshistoria

1970 [SWEDISH]

Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 7.4 10 6248

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Björn Andrésen as Pär's Buddy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by frida_sjoborg 8 / 10

just beautiful!

this is a portrayal of the trembling, slightly insecure first love so many recognize from their teenage years. en kärlekshistoria= a love story. but apart from the main plot, it's also about the young couple's parents, adults who are dealing with accepting that dreams don't come true. the story's set in the summer of 1970 in Stockholm, Sweden.

I've read the other comments and I must say I'm surprised. I don't know if the fact that I as a Swede can recognize and relate to some key ingredients in the setting, imagery and socializing, but the movie's won my heart (and so many others). my opinion is that the story about annika and per's strong affection for each other can't be witnessed without touching the viewers. it feels so genuine, maybe considering there's not many movies that focus on young love in this pure way. the young couple engage you so much that you feel like the side-line plots aren't necessary to make this film a whole. though it gives a feeling of reality, of a view into these people's lives as both families and as individuals. but I must say, the admirable interpretation of this rare angle of a love story is enough reason to make this movie a must-see.

Reviewed by lommetennis 10 / 10

The sweetest film I have ever seen!

I have seen quite a lot of movies, all genres, all ages, but no one comes even close to touching my romantic side as much as this one. I had never heard of the film or director when I was about to watch the film at the local film enthusiast club, but I, as well as everyone else around me it seemed, wanted to know more after having seen this. Quite simply the sweetest, most natural projection of true young love on film. Ever.

Reviewed by anderzzz-1 10 / 10

Young people in love in contrast to a failed "background"

This film, as I see it, is a slightly absurd view of the world through the selective gaze of two young persons in love. Although this film is far more realistic that the later films by Roy Andersson, it still has an absurd feeling, especially in the final part, but also before. But as a young person this was, at least for me, the way the surrounding appeared to be. You saw things, heard things, people cried and did things for reasons which you did not fully grasped or cared about. The unhealthiness of your family and every-day had become like a too well-known background noise which you only got aware of later in life. Therefore, all the partially touched-upon subjects in this film which never are fully resolved or explained are a strength not a weakness, I think.

The film is also political. The class society in welfare Sweden is shown. It is not the upper-class vs. servant class, but rather it is the "quest" for prestige of the every-day among working and middle class that is portrayed, and always in a subtle but critical tone. But all this is through the selective gaze of the two young persons in love, hence never is the film becoming dogmatic in its political sense.

A very good film, also with a beautiful photo. As a portrait of society this film is excellent. And please, don't confuse it with Ingmar Bergman's films. They are good in some respects, but this one is more "Swedish" than Bergman ever gets.

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