End Game

2021 [CHINESE]

Action / Comedy / Crime

IMDb Rating 6.3 10 447

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Andy Lau as Zhou Quan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by v-77410 8 / 10

A comedy worth ticket and popcorn

Comparing Japanese and Korean version, I would rank JP first then this Later Korean version. Main characters personalities sculpting is good, but storyline contains some minor problems. 1 star to Andy Lau, 4 stars to base storyline, 2 star to the laughter it brings in upcoming new year. 1 star to encourage Chinese comedians.

Reviewed by joshuarenealvarez 7 / 10

Endgame (2021)

Endgame is a Chinese-Hong Kong action black comedy co-written and directed by Rao Xiaozhi.

The film is produced and anchored by award-winning actor Andy Lau, delivering another satisfying performance as a world-class assassin by the name of Zhou Quan, who finds himself suffering from amnesia after an accident at a bathhouse. As expected, he was my favorite aspect about this motion picture as the trouper steals the spotlight whenever he is onscreen. His true identity is then swapped with onlooker Chen Xiaomeng (portrayed by Xiao Yang) who balances off Lau's performance. Bringing his own charm to the table as a depressed and failed theater actor who seizes this newfound opportunity of adopting the life and wealth of Quan, unbeknownst as to how the former built his foundation.

Endgame is the second remake of the 2012 Japanese film Key of Life. Despite the blatant similarities, I was still entertained with this adaptation as I was invested in how these two men would haste to their second chance at a fresh start at life. This not only lead to solid comedic-timing but compelling character arcs. Especially when Quan is devoted towards building himself from the ground up with the aid of his newfound companion, Li Xiang (portrayed by Wan Qian) who was a worthy another addition to the cast, bringing emotional levity to the lives of their characters.

And these two men eventually come to the notion that this unnatural "occurrence" may have been a blessing in disguise once they begin to discover the hidden meaning that was absent in their former lives.

Last but not least, the cinematography by Cao Ying was a visual treat that I benefitted from this whole experience.

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Reviewed by xiaohei-80112 6 / 10

Not a Andy Lau movie

Superb performance by Andy Lau which is flawless that bring u to its character. This movie mostly reflect Andy lau acting career and HK movie Industry highest peak era. But many thing seems force to add into it out of logic.Xiao Yang too exaggerating acting and relationship with Wan Qian not very convincing in this movie.Andy Lau deserve a better script as his contribution to Movies industry. There still a lot of laughter in the theater.thank u for the memories, Andy Lau.

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