Endgame - Bronx lotta finale

1983 [ITALIAN]

Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.2 10 962

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dirk275 9 / 10

One of the best of the genre.

Endgame is set in a hollowed out metropolis of the year 2025. People are entertained by the ultimate reality show called Endgame. It's really what Survivor should be. Ron Shannon is Endgame's greatest champ. Kurt Karnak is his bitter rival. During the game a mutant helps Shannon to defeat Karnak but Shannon spares his life. Bad move? Shannon is then enlisted by a band of mutants attempting to escape the city. Of course, a suitcase full of gold sweetens the deal for Shannon, who then rounds up a band of cutthroats to help him, including Ninja, the coolest guy in the film. He bites it too quick. There are many great fight scenes in this movie, one involving blind monks and another with a gang led by a man who is half fish. The fish guy is involved in a very disturbing rape scene with Laura Gemsler. Eventually the number of the group is whittled down to Shannon but the mission gets accomplished anyway. Shannon is asked by Lilith(Gemsler) to join the mutants, which he doesn't. Not too smart because Lilith is pretty hot. Wouldn't you know it as the chopper flies off out comes Karnak to battle Shannon for the gold. The movie ends just as the battle starts, which actually is a cool way to go.

I love this movie a lot. The first third is a bit slow but once they leave the city the action is nonstop. The battle with the blind monks is amazing and exciting. Motorcycles and gun-play highlight the scene. The next battle with a group of mutants is just as cool, except Ninja dies here and I must say that just blows big time. But, oh well.

Endgame also has a very depressing feel to it. It really is very bleak. Man seems to be digressing by way of mutations and while Lilith's group seem to be advanced, they are hunted down out of fear. To be honest, the bleakness is what appeals to me.

Ron Shannon is played by Al Cliver and his performance is understated at best, but it works here. The real show stealer is George Eastman as Kurt Karnak. He dives into his role with flair. He's ruthless and amoral, just what the post-nuke world needs.

This movie is worth seeing and if you're a fan of the genre then it's a must see.


Reviewed by bloodshed666 7 / 10

italian exploitation at it's best

Wow, this is italian exploitation flicks at it's best. Guess this one came because of the post-apocalyptic hype after "Escape from New York" and "Mad Max", and got stuff like "Rollerball" also in it. Of course it's an awful movie full of missing links. But here is simply no need for explanations, this question would be stupid. It's the full atmosphere of 80ies italo exploitation thrash: good explosions (gas!gas!gas! - nothing digital! I reminisce in nostalgica), crazy overacted characters, some bare breasts, a setting full of cheap dirt. Those movies are so honest in their cheasiness and roughness, I love 'em. - And the eighties were best! Italy full ahead! A pitty the video-market got down and what is left is filled by the majors with hollywood-cheapos exploiting themselves with their own cheap ripp-offs which have no life of it's own; a pity, no good exploitation-scene nowadays...

And hey, wow, this one has them all in it: Joe d'Amato, Al Cliver, Laura Gemser, Michele Soavi and George Eastmen. - A Fest! Gets a nerdish 7 out of 10!

Reviewed by Bezenby 9 / 10

Another Italian Post nuke Killer Movie!

Kick arse! Big Al Cliver and even bigger George Eastman go head to head (sometimes) or join up to go head to head with others (sometimes) in a film that's like the film Running Man for the first half hour before they get a squad together and take on the visually impaired! Both George and Al are contestants in Endgame, a TV s how where Hunters hunt the prey (usually a Hunter that's volunteered to be the Prey). This time, champion Shannon (Cliver) is the prey and he's got three hunters on his tail. One seems to be a member of Kiss, one is Bobby Rhodes from Demons, and the other is twelve foot tall childhood friend George Eastman. Shannon runs around kicking everyone's head in while it's filmed for TV, but things get complicated when on the set (which is the post-nuclear wasteland of New York – forgot to mention that), Shannon meets Laura Gesmer, a psychic mutant who needs a guide to help her and her son and some other mutants escape the city and the Nazi-style army led by the aged but still pretty ugly George Mitchell.

After sparing Eastman's life and bolting from the gameshow which seems to involve him 'dissapearing' back to his caravan where everyone should know where he is, Shannon gets together a crew to help out, including an eye-patch guy, Al Yamanouchi, who kills a guy with his bare hands for no real reason, a guy who looks like a Viking and the guy whose name I can never remember even though he's in about 50% of the Italian films I own (like Mad Dog and Arizona Colt). They set off into the wilderness and almost immediately get into a massive battle with loads of blinds monks, whom you might have guessed can see via a poor telepath they have tied up somewhere.

That's what I loved about this film. Gameshow aside, whenever there's a battle there's always about eight billion (give or take) extras willing to be shot, blown up, speared, or knocked off of motorcycles. I also loved how Shannon and co would wait until the enemy had surrounded them before launching an attack. Every battle seems to turn into all out war. That's what post apocalyptic films need more of: the good old fashioned Pagga.

As this is an Italian film, you've got mutant fish men drooling on Laura Gesmer, Michelle Soavi turning up in a cameo, and a freaky scene at the end with flying rocks, fire, and one character being forced to blow his own brains out. The soundtrack to this also at time sounds really similar to the soundtrack of Blade Runner while being no where near as depressing as Blade Runner.

Some say this is the best of the Italian post-apocalypse films, and I wouldn't argue with those who say that, but I think that Raiders of Atlantis, New Barbarians, Bronx Warriors 1 & 2, 2019: After the Fall of New York are all just as good (and mostly have George Eastman in them). These films are so much fun from start to finish. I can't wait till these films become reality, because I'll be there on my talking motorbike with my hermaphrodite ape man sidekick and a Mohican, ready to wander the wastelands.

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