Enemies of the State



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by grpacific 9 / 10

Walter Mitty

"Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!" (Walter Scott). The viewer is cleverly led down a twisted path, not unlike those that supported Matt were including professional people trying to help the family yet the elusive truth crawled out in the end. As good as any mystery thriller and surprisingly there is no moral high ground by the producers, only a well done balanced view of what is a very unusual case of do it yourself cloak and dagger. To quote the profession of spies : he created a believable legend.

Reviewed by mbrcf 7 / 10

A search for the truth

TIFF 2020 01

Enemies of the State

The truth is never pure and rarely simple- Oscar Wilde This documentary film was about the case of Matt Dehart and his family against multiple accusations he faced such as child pornography, national security charges and dark-web allegations. This film, I believe, started as a passionate and zealous search for the truth about Matt's case through almost 15 years and the result is that in today's world, the truth is not a definite, absolute, certain object we can achieve, but rather a complex, between the webs of lies set of stories, manipulated facts with various groups interests integrated and intervened to try to shape and form them benefitting those interests. The film feels more like a story of an investigation with great use of cinematic techniques not unlike those of previous Errol Morris works, who also produced this documentary. It's a thought-provoking, intelligent film with lots to offer.

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