Engaged to a Psycho



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phd_travel 6 / 10

In laws!

A woman is swept off her feet and goes to her boyfriend's family home for the wedding. There she meets her future Mother in law played by the still beautiful Audrey Landers. And her future sister in law who was adopted and very close to her Brother. Something mysterious happened to his previous fiancé who burned to death. The story is promising for this kind of Lifetime thriller. It's not annoying but it's slow in the middle. Still want to see it to the end.

Reviewed by scriabin17 5 / 10


We caught this on Lifetime last night. The movie wasn't terrible but it was anything to write home about, either! Engaged couple meets rich groom's family and friends and bad stuff starts happening! Audrey Landers could have done way better but I suppose a weak script really doesn't help! Other actors are pretty unknown. Skip it.

Reviewed by tomfsloan 5 / 10

Could have been better.

This review contains spoilers: The plot didn't bother me too much. Because when you expect the worst, anything is better. Most of the actors were fine. But a few others...mm-mmmm. Particularly the mother and her daughter Ruby. There were lots of stupid little things, too many to mention. Some goofs: during the fire, she couldn't escape out the window? Why were the names that were carved in the wooden post, as good as new 10 years later after the fire? They needed to use two cameras to film the scene on the boat. One cutaway was sunny, the other view cloudy. Again and again. The Mississippi River is muddy, brown, and murky. But in the underwater scenes it was clear. To top it off, the movie had a really lousy dramatic final scene. The title is wrong too. It wasn't the "psycho" that the blonde was engaged to. On the plus side, it was nice to see a different setting. The mansion in Louisville was a very pleasant change.

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