Entre Nous


Biography / Drama / War

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Patrick Bauchau as Carlier
François Cluzet as Un militaire
Miou-Miou as Madeleine
Jean-Pierre Bacri as Costa Segara
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 5 / 10

this movie probably WON'T appeal to most men

The movie concerns two women who survive WWII and form a friendship in post-war France. However, as the film unfolds, it seems that the underlying message is "men stink". While I would agree that there are a lot of lousy spouses, the movie just seemed way too "black and white" in presenting the women as victims. These husbands either squander their money on selfish pipe dreams or slap their wives silly and make passes at other women. The women put up with this abuse for a while, but find relief through affairs (such as a quickie on a train with a stranger) and ultimately divorce. This should really appeal to women who have lived through these types of marriages, but I can't help but want to shout "DON'T BLAME ME--I'M A GOOD GUY!!!".

Reviewed by boblipton 7 / 10

Stroke Of Lightning

The Germans have broken through the Maginot Line like rotten burlap, and France has made a humiliating peace. Miou-Miou, Isabelle Huppert -- odd to think of her so early in her career she's second-billed -- and their husbands leave Paris to try to take up lives in Vichy France. Times are hard, everything is shabby, including the men's business schemes, and they're hard on their wives, who draw closer in reaction.

It's a very nice feminist movie that doesn't make the men monsters -- they're just as bewildered with a world turned upside down as anyone else. Nonetheless, it's a pleasure to watch these two fine actresses give their performances as they come to understandwhat friendship means.

Reviewed by writers_reign 9 / 10

They Were 'Sisters'

This is a fine movie any way you look at it in fact I'll amend that to Fine/Great and I'd love to own it on DVD so that I could run it just before La Baule-les-pins (which I do own) and which covers the same autobiographical data from another angle. For the record both films are based on the early life of writer-director Diane Kurys and both concern the unhappy marriage of her parents - a character based on herself appears in both movies. Coup de foudre begins before she was born with the meeting of her parents in a 'camp' in Occupied France during World War II. A guy whose release is already guaranteed spots Isabelle Huppert, falls in love on the spot (hense the title) and smuggles her a note proposing marriage. Somewhat bemused she agrees only to become angry because his name reeks of Jewishness. Somewhat improbably they remain together, have two daughters and settle in Lyon. Simultaneously we are introduced to the second leading character (Miou-Miou), an artist whose husband is shot by the Germans and dies in her arms. She too 'settles' for something less than love and marries an actor (Jean-Pierre Bacri) whose life is a succession of get-rich-quick schemes that backfire. The two women meet by chance in 1952 and form a friendship that soon eclipses anything they feel for their respective partners whilst stopping short of overt lesbianism. Huppert and Miou-Miou have their parts down cold and it's fascinating to see Bacri with a full head of hair looking remarkably like Louis Jordan. This is a wonderful film on our old friend the Human Condition illustrating just how easy it is to screw up our lives. The pertinent questions - like why did Huppert stay with someone she didn't love once she was clear of the Camp, let alone after the war, don't raise their quizzical heads til long afterwards such is the strength of both movie and performances. In La Baule-les-pins the Huppert character, Lena (now played by Nathalie Baye) is still with her husband but clearly only for a matter of time and the two girls are still in the thick of the misery. Both are highly recommended.

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