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Reviewed by burlesonjesse5 7 / 10

VIEWS ON FILM review of Envy: Seven Deadly Sins

"She wants to be you!" Who doesn't want to be a successful businesswoman with a bomb house, a straight arrow husband, and a gift from God daughter.

Anyway in Envy: Seven Deadly Sins, the "envy" is perpetrated by a half-sister named Keisha. Keisha has had it rough growing up and now wants a taste of the good life. "Envy" portrays her as not necessarily crazy but as a person who does bad things and is misunderstood. Lifetime deviates from the normal unhinged path here and I must say, it's kinda refreshing.

So yeah, Envy: Seven Deadly Sins is a Lifetime flick that doesn't adhere to the campy and trashy. It would rather lend a sympathetic ear to the viewer by including an ending that provides resolution and forgiveness. "Envy" is not an LA story but an Atlanta one. The Georgia-based locale doesn't feel like window dressing but more a character in the story. "Hotlanta" becomes well, "sins" city.

Released in April of this year, containing religious undertones, and building its diegesis in one's own good time, Envy: Seven Deadly Sins chronicles downtrodden hairdresser Keisha (played by 26-year-old Serayah). Keisha is bent on finding the father she never knew as well as the half-sister she never thought she had. When she does finally track them down, Keisha enters their lives and tries to destroy their well-off mojo. Keisha doesn't want her victims to bite the dust mind you. She just wants to be them and flavor their upper class happiness.

Sure "Envy" is choppily edited and like most Lifetime pics, the characters are a little wishy-washy in their actions. But hey, Envy: Seven Deadly Sins is more sophisticated than most Lifetime fare. It's a movie with a conscience, devoid of murder and all that over the top, overripe stuff. I "envy" any type of genre entry that tries to change that game. Erred green-eyed monster.

Reviewed by gab-67599 9 / 10

A Sweet Ending

I must say Envy was much better then Lust. Now Rollins has always been a believable actress in my eyes, and I enjoy anything she plays in. So majority of this movie was on her shoulders. Her costar Serayah was a face I have not seen before, and although there were times I rolled my eyes at her acting.

For the most part, there was never a dull moment with her around. Beautiful and very sassy, she easily fit the roll for Envy. I think she should have played in Lust, tbh. This was a slow burn, but a great finish. Lust felt like it was a bit to preachy, although this movie felt like just the right amount.

I love Lifetime movies and I cannot wait for the 5 other sins to be released. If they are anything like this one I know I will enjoy it. Now, was it a story that has been done before, yes. But the actors made it come alive, I wish I had someone like Mr. Powell in my life!

It was a lesson movie, that made you appreciate the things you have, because you never know when it could all go away. Wish Da Brat had more lines, I love her. I recommend if you already love Lifetime movies.

Reviewed by marnellstrickland 10 / 10

Pleasing to watch!

I usually don't watch lifetime movies but this was really good! It gets pretty intense at times because the girl gets wilder and wilder. Fitting title great movie.

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