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Christian Bale as John Preston
Sean Bean as Partridge
Dominic Purcell as Seamus
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Reviewed by sophiesox 10 / 10

My Favourite Film

Even though emotions are banned in the film, it certainly manages to evoke many feelings from the audience. The spectacular combination of acting, direction, camera work and extremely well choreographed action scenes allows the viewer to be completely absorbed into the complex story line. Like many others who have watched the film, I do wish the Sean Bean had been more prominent in the film, but the fact that his story line - him not taking the dose, becoming affiliated with the underground, beginning to feel, and inevitably being killed by John Preston (Christian Bale) in a very clever foreshadowing of how John Preston's life will unravel in the near future (with the exception of him being killed).

Christian Bale is, as always, fully immersed in his role as the complex Grammaton Cleric John Preston, who is completely dedicated to his job - enforcing the regime of the government upon everyone, and killing anyone who resists. Part of his job includes destroying any remains of a world with feelings. This includes music, literature and art, as is shown when John Preston orders the Mona Lisa to be burnt. As the film progresses, we see immense character development, as a result of a missed dose of the mind-altering drug Prozium by the Cleric. By the second half of the film the audience is left feeling sympathy for Bale's character, after multiple points of his life are revealed - The Cleric found out that his wife was a sense offender after authorities came to arrest her. As a government agent with no feelings, he did not stop them, and was even present when his own wife was marched off for 'termination'. As Preston's feeling begin to return, we see regret forming behind his eyes, and an undeniable hatred for the very system he was upholding beginning to implant itself in his mind. In the end, Cleric John Preston becomes and advocate for the underground resistance and, many brilliantly choreographed and acted fight scenes later, kills the fascist leader of Libria. Bale plays both sides of his character with equal brilliance, and fully captures the essence of the story-line through brilliant acting and emotional attachment to the character which has all been shown through another of his roles previous to this - Patrick Bateman in American Psycho - all before he made a name for himself in The Dark Knight Trilogy. The complexity of not just this role, but all roles Christian Bale has portrayed throughout his career clearly emphasises his abilities as a versatile actor. Equilibrium - Amazing!

Reviewed by baldskaboy 8 / 10

A Sci Fi scenario that may just come true...

As in with the book "1984" the city of Libria, a Utopian, totalitarian, structured society / city-state just my be the future of the USA. As we all would hope this civil structure will never come to light, it just may be the future that awaits us all in this great country.

For it is the artistic thought, free-will and free press that ignites the hatred and violence that plagues our society today. If the past is any indication for the future of our great society then "Equilibrium" just may be the outcome of our indulgence in the self-absorption and petty differences that we all are slaves to..

Reviewed by gavin6942 6 / 10

Somehow Off

In a fascist future where all forms of feeling are illegal, a man in charge of enforcing the law rises to overthrow the system.

Most of the filming used locations in Berlin, due to its unique mixture of fascist and modern architecture. According to the visual effects supervisor Tim McGovern, who worked alongside Kurt Wimmer, the fascist architecture was chosen "to make the individual feel small and insignificant so the government seems more powerful".

I think the architecture and everything is spot on, but something still seems off. The film's aesthetic is alright, sort of like a fascist "Dark City", but the message remains unclear. What are they considering a "feeling"? People still obviously get angry here...

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