Eraser: Reborn



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McKinley Belcher III as Paul Whitlock
Dominic Sherwood as U.S. Marshal Mason Pollard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 6 / 10

Eraser Re-boot

I just rewatched the first Eraser movie to get in the mood for this. And as I imagined, this actually is not a sequel but rather a remake. Or a reboot ... or a well "reborn" as they call the movie. Now if you have seen the original you may ask: do I need to watch this? It depends - if you have the other one fresh in memory and you remember it fondly, it is better to avoid this.

For some reason the german distribution thought this would make a good theatrical release movie. And I guess it is nice to see any movie on the big screen. The main actor is not worse compared to Arnold when it comes to acting - which is not me being mean to any or both of them. He actually has some charisma too - not as much as Arnold has though. The main point is that the bad guy is way better in the original. If you know who I am talking about, you can figure out who it'll be here.

All that aside: there is some good decent action in the movie and I've seen worse movies. The CGI is not good though and it almost completely destroys the enviromental message it is trying to deliver. Especially the last bit (he went for a ride is replacing the caught a train one liner - which you may find funny or not).

Overall there are some tweaks to certain plot points but you will see the changes and can guess them or where the movie is going. The new Vanessa Williams is also really good looking ... and she knows what she wants too ... I also saw that she and the main actor did a tv show together. At least a few episodes I reckon. But they know each other, which I think is something that helped their on screen energy and chemistry. This is a direct to dvd/streaming title - expect to get that.

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