Ernest Goes to School


Comedy / Family / Sport

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Top cast

Sarah Chalke as Maisy
Jim Varney as Ernest
Will Sasso as Russell
David Keith as Squint Westwood
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by patskelley 10 / 10

Ernest movies are true gems

Ernest movies are a staple in my house. The priceless humor of Jim Varney is entertainment perfection for children of any age. My absolute favorite is Ernest goes to Africa, but honestly it has only slightly edged out the other titles.

As for critics, I do not see how Ernest humor differs much from such accepted classics as Lucille Ball or Jerry Lewis brand of slapstick or Mr. Bean's lame'o humor which I also enjoy. Ernest is not a dumb character set out for ridicule. He is an innocent sweetie with a giant heart who never lets life events get the better of him.

His movies always contain a good, positive message for all. I only have one question...When will Ernest Goes to School be published in R1?

Reviewed by The_Censored_Poster 10 / 10

Ernest P. Worrell

If there is any one man walking the earth with a rain cloud over his head, it'd have to be Ernest P. Worrell. He lives by Murphy's Law (if it can go wrong, it will go wrong), and yet remains upbeat and optimistic. This is what makes audiences love this unfortunate do-gooder.

Ernest provides a style of slap-stick comedy that appeals to children and adults alike. He is known for his catch phase "Know what I mean" and addressing an off camera friend named "Vern" by looking directly into the camera. He also has a few reoccurring actors that play different roles but the same basic character in every movie.

The spirit of Jim Varney shows through his comedic acting, and there is no doubt that he loves what he does. Whether being doused with water, tripping, or making an easy task an extremely difficult feat, he seems as though he genuinely enjoys the business of making people laugh and smile.

Reviewed by Ghenghy 10 / 10

Just hilarious

I'd never heard of this movie before but after watching Next Friday tonite I figured what the hell.

This is one of the funniest movie's I've ever seen. The music room scene had me crying in laughter. Varney was a comedic genius but you actually have to possess a sense of humor to get it. Any dink that doesnt think this movie is funny must have run out of Vaseline. 9/10

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