España, la primera globalización

2021 [SPANISH]


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Reviewed by CarlosPumaresVive 9 / 10

Great historiography piece!

I wasn't aware that Mexico City became the most important city of the empire. I didn't knew that Spain established the first global currency and American Universities way before Anglos did. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 8 / 10

Very interesting documentary about the important role of Spain as the first world power during fifteenth and sixteenth century

Documentary about Spain's contribution to a time of discoveries and a first globalization with the appearance of the most prestigious university professors , high level academics from several countries , scholars , politicians and expert people who tell how the true events of the Spanish empire really happened . It includes the following notorious people : Elvira Roca Barea , Stanley Payne , Carmen Iglesias , Fernando García de Cortázar , Ramón Tamames , Alfonso Guerra ..... stating their views against the nefarious invention of the black legend , the ¨Fake News¨ of the Renaissance and Modern Age . Using detailed historical studies , essential documents , the experts trace a travel in time to tell the role of Spain in the first globalization of the mankind with important contribution of the Catholicism , Spanish language and the Silver pattern with relation to an imperial Chinese dynasty : Ming . Against all this, Protestant Revolutionary propaganda rose up , guided by corruption, envy , ambition , initiating wrongly the Hispano-Dutch War and the Anglo-Spanish War against the Catholic monarchs of the 16th century, is said to have fostered an anti-Hispanic bias among past and subsequent historians , being supported by a new invention : Guttenberg's printing.

And remembering fundamental historical happenings as America discovery that puts end to the dark Middle Age : October 12, 1492 carried out by discoverer Christopher Columbus , the great Imperial Kings : Fernando and Isabel , Carlos I , Felipe II . As the Spanish Empire expands its dominion and populates territories all over America and Asia thanks to illustrious conquerors as Hernando Cortés along with the Indian Malinche or Marina, helped by local tribes conquered the bloody Aztec empire , Francisco Pizarro who conquered Inca empire , discoverers and others traveling around the world as Fernando de Magallanes and Juan Sebastian El Cano , Father Urbaneta and Miguel López de Legazpi who founded city of Manila , through the centuries it creates an age of prosperity and richness as well as a great scientist advance in disciplines as mapping with Pedro de Medina , cartography , philosophy , geography, International Law with special mention for School of Salamanca and Father Vitoria . As well as foundation of important South American cities like Veracruz and Panama and several South American Universities. Furthermore, promoting a good overseas relation between South America/Spain thanks to bishop Fonseca, a right legislation as Leyes De Indias, and creating El Consejo de Indias and La Casa de Contratacion de Sevilla . Spain built the first global empire with a great success , however, leading to envy, greed, contempt and robbery by other countries , attacking ships , cities or the long European wars , as the different interests hates and corruption rooted in the heart of the old Europe . It will cause a social war against Spain, creating the Black Legend as an anti-Spanish and anti-catholic propaganda , promoted by different countries as Great Britain, and Netherlands , it eventually was turned into the Hispanophobia, which nowadays, it goes on existing . And along the way , Spanish empire promoting the rout of species , such as : Clavo , Nuez Moscada ; as well as Silver pattern , and as Silver was exploted at Potosi mines in the viceroyalty of Peru , creating together with China the two largest empires of La Plata.

As response to this Fake News , director José Luis López-Linares reunites 39 different experts around the world between academic , historians, writers , politicians and priests in an attempt to tell the truth about the Spanish Black Legend and the actual facts , and against envy of other ambitious countries . As Spanish Black Legend is a false theorised historiographical tendency consisting of anti-Spanish and anti-Catholic propaganda . The proponents claim that its roots date back to the 16th century, when it was originally a political and psychological weapon that was used by Spain's European rivals in order to demonize the Spanish Empire, highlighting the negative aspects as the infamous Inquisition , witch-hunt, executions which was much lower compared to other countries , racism when the mestizos were ordinarily well considered and inferior culture, minimizing Spanish discoveries and achievements, and counter its influence and power in world affairs .

Reviewed by inigofgaragalza 10 / 10


Finally, a documentary with historical accuracy, entertaining and well detailed. All the experts provide clarifying aspects in their statements.

¡We want more!

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