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Reviewed by dtriantafyllides 9 / 10

Mi scusi for liking this comedy.

Most negative reviews seem to miss the point that the movie is not making stereotypes of European countries and cultures. It is making fun of American stereotypes of those cultures. While most comedies start funny and at some point get serious with a need for a plot that loses all the humor, EuroTrip keeps building momentum throughout. Watch it, and then watch it again.

Reviewed by jimbo-53-186511 3 / 10

Bring on the Brits!!!

An American student Scott Thomas (Scott Mechlowicz) unwittingly upsets his German penfriend Mieke (Jessica Boehrs) and decides to make amends by setting out on a trip to Berlin to win her heart back. Along for the ride are his friends Cooper, Jenny, and Jamie whom all learn that true love doesn't always flow quite so easily and that it also can move in rather strange and disturbing ways...

Eurotrip is clearly a transcontinental cousin to Road Trip and it's a shame really that Eurotrip doesn't have anywhere near the same number of laughs as the earlier film that it clearly aspires to...

The best way to describe Eurotrip is to imagine preparing a perfect dish; you get all the right ingredients and have all the necessary equipment to prepare the perfect dish, but then decide that you're going to let Frank Spencer cook it!!! Naturally, things aren't going to turn out well...

For much of its running time the laughs are few and far between and many of the scenarios that are played out on screen are very cheap attempts at getting laughs. The film tries to create an endearing scenario with the protagonist trying to win back his pen friend/girlfriend, but even this is presented in a clumsy manner - the Mieke/Mike confusion was incredibly dumb even for a lowbrow sex comedy.

Having said that once the film moves away from the US things do improve slightly if only for a short while; I though the best scenes in the film were those that featured the British football hooligans headed up by none other than Vinny Jones - I found it particularly funny that a bunch of Cockney football hooligans were Manchester United supporters which was an unexpected and very funny twist. Sadly aside from the scenes with the Brits and possibly the robot dancing I saw little else that was amusing. A lot of the other scenes were smut that would probably only appeal to teenage boys (which presumably is the target audience here). My main problem with this film is that I felt that it was nearly always trying too hard which unfortunately works against the film.

The cast are likable enough and put in fairly good turns, but it's hard not to look at them without seeing re-workings of characters that we'd already seen in American Pie; Scott is Jim, Cooper is Stifler, Jamie is Finch and Jenny I'm not sure about maybe she's like Michelle - a geeky exterior with a nymphomaniac hiding underneath. None of this is particularly bad, but it's just bland and rather unsurprising.

Sadly, Eurotrip is a poor film and I only wish that Vinny Jones and his gang of yobs featured more prominently in the picture (Jones in particular is very good here bringing his usual yobbish charm and using it to great effect here), but he's only in the film for about a quarter of the running time (at the most) and the film is all the more worse when he's not around. So the end result is a film that is 20% good and 80% bad and with odds like that I'd advise you to take your chances elsewhere.

Reviewed by Asha 1 / 10

don't waste your time watching this. not funny at all.

don't waste your time watching this. not funny at all. don't watch. 0/0. horrible. old camera quality. poor visuals. lame jokes. too much nudity. sad. i am scarred for life and never want to watch such movies again. I can never get my time back. I am disappointed that such a film exists. Disgusting. I never want to watch this again. People really shouldn't make films like this if they are not great at story writing.

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