Evangelion: 3.0+1.01 Thrice Upon a Time


Action / Animation / Drama

IMDb Rating 8.3 10 744

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Ryûnosuke Kamiki as Shinji Ikari
Deneen Melody as Mari Illustrious-Makinami
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tonymtorres 8 / 10

A lot of crybabies in the reviews

I think the main reason of why a lot of people are giving 1/10 it's beacuse their "ships" doesn't become real, and probably they just see the leaks and not the complete film, remember it's only avaible in Japan.

Reviewed by idanlego-1001 10 / 10

A fantastic conclusion to the franchise

I was very skeptical before watching this film, I am a huge fan of the original show and film and I didn't think they had to be "rebuilt".

It also didn't help that I thought the previous three films kind of sucked (though I did rewatch them before watching this one and I liked them way more the second time).

But, here we are, 9 years after the last Eva film, 24 years after Evangelion's previous theatrical conclusion, we have this movie, a beautifully animated 155 minutes long love letter to the Evangelion franchise and its fans.

This time the ending can satisfy all fans, those who look for great action, those who watch for the surrealist imagery and philosophy, those who love the characters, this movie ties every loose end beautifully.

Only issues I had here were some unnecessary fan-service scenes (though there are fans who watch it for this kind of stuff, I guess) and the 3D CGI fight scenes look kind of jarring sometimes but other than that, this was yet another high quality film by Hideaki Anno and I would highly recommend it.

Bye-bye, all of Evangelion.

Reviewed by CracklingRami 9 / 10

Bye bye, all of Evangelion

This is my first written review for an Eva film so bear with me. Spoilers contained. The conclusion to the Rebuild tetralogy is so fulfilling. From start to finish you really get to explore the ends of our character's story. Starting with Rei Q who becomes more of a person rather than a drone from 3.0, she was easily my favourite part of the first act of the film with her goodbye to Shinji before turning into LCL. Shinji's PTSD at the beginning was well handled especially with a few visual tidbits like Asuka having to wear a DSS choker. The film also helps give a better understanding to everything that happened in 3.0, including Asuka's eyepatch (turns out to be the 9th angel that merged with her and she gets powers during the final impact) The soundtrack is stellar as always. Seeing more Eva vs Eva action between Shinji and Gendo was amazing (Gendo fuses with Eva 13 similar to how Yui is a part of Unit 01) as well as the new mass production Eva's vs Eva's 2 & 8. The psychoanalysis stuff during the final impact was very well done too. Less depressing as compared to EoE. We get a more in depth look on Kaworu's mental health because he placed too much focus on helping Shinji all this time than himself too (we see him interact with Kaji and he cries). Then Shinji's wish at the end to have a world that doesn't have Angel's and one that doesn't need Eva's was very satisfying and the conclusion with him and Mari at the train station now both adults felt very fulfilling. I'm sure many people would be shocked by the Shinji x Mari ending but in my opinion it works out after everything during the final impact was explained. I'm happy to see Evangelion end on a good and happy note with the world being restored and everyone living on happily. Bye bye all of Evangelion and thank you Hideaki Anno and Studio Khara for bringing this truly epic and wonderful film into being.

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