Everything Must Go


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 73%
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Will Ferrell as Nick Halsey
Rebecca Hall as Samantha
Michael Peña as Frank Garcia
Laura Dern as Delilah
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jaredpahl 2 / 10

Dramatically Impotent Waste Of Will Ferrell's Talent And My Time

Everything Must Go clearly wants to be a whimsical indie dramedy in the same vein as Juno or Knocked Up. The look of the film is flat, functional, and down-to-earth, the music comes straight from the "We're quirky and awkward" library, and the performances give off the understated matter-of-factness that is all but required for anything indie. I don't like this kind of movie. Even the "good" ones are far too blase and sarcastic for me to care about what happens to the characters. Everything Must Go is not one of the good ones.

The story is based off a short story by Raymond Carver (Why Don't You Dance?) about an alcoholic who holds a yard sale after his life falls apart. As far as short stories go, this basic premise is just fine. Feature films on the other hand, need more substance than that to fill two hours of a visual medium. I haven't read Carver's story, but it seems like writer-director Dan Rush has added a lot of padding to this tale of depression and redemption. What attracted me to Everything Must Go was Will Ferrell, who ventures completely into the waters of drama with his portrayal of Nick Halsey, a down-on-his-luck alcoholic whose life has hit rock bottom. Ferrell does some good acting here, and he never slips into his patented comedic comfort zone. The failure of this movie is certainly not his fault.

So let's get into why this movie is a failure. First and foremost, it is an inert dramatic experience. There is simply not enough here to make me feel anything. The story moves along and checks all the obligatory boxes of depression, alcoholism, friendship, and redemption, and nothing hits at all. The story is clichéd to be sure, but on top of that, it's too shallow to mean anything. There's a sense that none of this matters. I have to look at the performances as a culprit. Everyone, including Ferrell, seems like they are on the edge of falling asleep every time they speak. Even as their voices get louder and you know they should be emotionally charged, it just lays flat. There is a distinct indifference to this whole enterprise. From the actors around Ferrell, including a woefully miscast Michael Pena as his cop friend, to Rush's script and filmmaking, which exude nothing in the way of genuine passion, this movie kills off any drama, any laughs, any sign of life, that may have come from Carver's story. Everything Must Go is cinema to fall asleep to. For Will Ferrell fans curious about his dramatic side, check out Stranger Than Fiction. If you have another reason to watch this, keep the coffee handy.


Reviewed by zombiefan89 6 / 10

An inspiration for men going their own way.

Everything must go's premise is what inspired the Men Going Their Own Way movement. It's an unspoken rule that the wife can shaft a husband as much as possible during a divorce. To this end, millions of men are avoiding marriage altogether. Nick's character flaws aside, she should have been arrested for the way she treated him. Overall, the movie is very well acted. Will Ferrell gives such a top notch performance that I fully sympathized with his plight.

Reviewed by Vonia 7 / 10

An Underrated Film With Ever More Underrated Performances Honestly Portraying Alcoholism

This is such an underrated film.

First and foremost, Will Ferrell. I barely recognized the man! Such an impressive performance of a struggling alcoholic in the throes of the addiction. It was subtle in such a way that really made viewers see how difficult it can be, but not making it completely depressing.

Supporting performances by Laura Dern, Rebecca Hall, Michael Peña, & young Christopher Wallace were likewise stellar. Several heartfelt moments that were surprisingly moving. I admit to feeling tears a couple times.

I love watching things that turn out far better than expected! And I have a newfound respect for Will Ferrell.

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