Executive Decision


Action / Adventure / Thriller

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Kurt Russell as Dr. David Grant
Halle Berry as Jean, Flight Attendant
BD Wong as Sergeant Louie
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Reviewed by peefyn 8 / 10

Does most things right

This is a great 90s action movie. It has the exciting moments, the interesting plot and the mixture of characters that the period's action movies all tried to have. But at the same time, it downplays the one-man heroism that is often a big part of them (looking at you, McClaine!). The movie refers to this with the character played by Segal.

The most important part of this movie is the team. Early on people tries to break with the team, but mostly everyone is on the same page throughout the movie. At the end of the movie, one character kind-of goes against his team, but the focus is also on trusting one's teammates, something that the other guys does during this moment.

If you want a quintessential 90s action flick, this is a good pick!

Reviewed by kgprophet 5 / 10

"Call the President! It's an Executive Decision"

You can call this 90s action thriller Tom Clancy lite. Back before anyone could realistically imagine hijackers using a commercial airplane as a missile, this fictional tale sets up a Die Hard style scenario, sorta. Kurt Russell does a decent Jack Ryan, the government specialist unwittingly caught up in the middle of it. Halle Berry is one of the flight attendants that risks her life to stop the kamikaze group of terrorists who have placed a chemical weapon on a commercial 747.

The writing takes a turn to the tedious as a special forces team sneaks onboard the 747, and come across a steady series of setbacks. Especially tedious is the one terrorist who becomes suspicious of possible shenanigans Halle Berry is doing behind his back. This is the terrorist who seems to have ESP about the good guy's plan, but will stop as he is just about take that extra step, just about to uncover that hidden camera, or find that concealed manifest.

Mild spoiler ahead.....

Also tedious is the bomb expert of the military team being incapacitated, helping to grind the action to a halt.

....End mild spoiler

There is the unintended consequence of the military guys having to whisper throughout the entire ordeal. The whispering undercuts the potential of strong drama as the team tries to put their rescue plan in place. Meanwhile at the pentagon, an underwritten script leaves little real tension as the cliche military advisors gather in the situation room. Oh, yeah, the President stays off camera. It's up to the Secretary of the Defense to pick up the phone to call him. The Die Hard aspect comes as the good guys surreptitiously crawl under and above the passenger cabin, without being caught by the bad guys. The whole sneaking around fills out the second act, and lends to some dull build-up as the plot points slowly click off.

Things finally start to kick into action in the third act, and is fairly entertaining with mostly passable effects. Tom Clancy fans, looking for a copycat movie that is comparable to "Air Force One" (yes I know it's not a Tom Clancy story but who's kidding who), can do worse. Oh yes, I haven't mentioned Steven Seagal. Yes he is in this film, and comes off OK, but it really is a cameo and is not a major player in the rest of the film.

I give this film a 5 out of 10, with a workable cast and story, providing some tension and a few thrills.

Reviewed by Darth-Helmet 5 / 10

One disappointing actioner!

On a flight from Athens Greece to Washington DC, it seems Islamic terrorists lead by Nagi Hassan (David Suchet) who carries stolen soviet tanks of a deadly gas that can take out the eastside of the US. Intelligence expert David Grant (Kurt Russell) suspects they are using the 747 to smuggle the deadly gas into the United States, where they intend to use it to wipe out Washington D.C. and possibly the entire East Coast. He believes the plane should not be allowed to enter U.S. airspace and decides to have a special team lead by Lt. Colonel Austin Travis (Steven Sagall) with troopers like Rat (John Leguizomo), Cappy (Joe Morton), Louie (BD Wong) and more who have to defuse a bomb and overpower the terrorists.

One of the most disappointing action films ever! with a script by Predator writers Jim and James Thomas you would expect to be a quality actioner even with a solid cast like what i mentioned to Halle Berry, Oliver Platt, JT Walsh (who would be in the next year's even better JT Walsh/Russell movie Breakdown), Charles Halahon, Richard Riehel and more you except to be a decent actioner or a good one. But sadly, it's none of those things as it's an overlong, poorly paced and not well written excuse for an action thriller when it's just a bore of a movie.

Sagall was only in the film for 30 minutes then gets killed off when he should had been in the rest of the movie as Sagall and Russell would had made a good team. It starts off action packed with some stabbings and neck slicing/shootings but after that it gets to yet another hour of waiting for solid action, all it is when they get on the plan they are taking an hour to plans of attacks even to spy on and Russell barely does nothing when he should be fighting the enemies. Jerry Goldsmith's score was generic and he is my fave composer and the script is poor at best, the director's direction was flat at best.

Joel Siegel said "If you like action adventure, this is the ticket" says Joel Siegel and "Faster than Speed and more fun than Broken Arrow" says Newshouse Newspapers, yeh right, this is the ticket to sleep and Speed/Broken Arrow are superior to this 2 hour borefeast. Even Air Force One, Die Hard 2, Con Air and more plane actioners even Passenger 57 are way better than this dud. Great ideas are wasted on this lackluster actioner that lacks thrills and suspense.

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