EXO Next Door

2015 [KOREAN]

Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Reviewed by Misss25 7 / 10

It's quite entertaining and funny

I'm not a Exo's fan or haven't any idea about this group,but however,I loved this drama. The love triangle part is really enjoyable but really sad about the guy as I really fall for his cuteness. But, It Isn't the thing that hold my attention, I love the chemistry between Sehun and Ji Yeon's brother most.

Though it has plain and guessable storyline, but it is really entertaining. Maybe, even a non fan can also enjoy this mini drama. But,one thing that I found quite creepy is how come a girl's face become that much red!! Really sillyyy! Locket thing is also so superstitious.

However,It is really fun to watch if you ignore these mistakes. Moreover,How can we expect so much from a mini drama only with 10-12 minutes per episode?

Reviewed by SyoKennex 7 / 10

Cringey, but it has charm

EXO Next Door is a show that has a lot of cringe within it and really makes you roll your eyes a bit. Ever since I became an EXO-L, I heard about how bad this show is, but truly, I think it has charms. Sure, it's not one of the best dramas ever to be made, it's not a 10/10 rating all over the board and it's not winning any Oscars or awards of that calibre. However, I think there is some real charm within this. The first few episodes are definitely quite cringy, and I definitely considered dropping it after the first 3-4, however, the middle of the series isn't too bad. If you can make it to around episode 6, then you can pretty much finish this off without it being too cringe. The last couple of episodes - the last one in particular - were extremely well done.

I felt like there could have been more added to the storyline per se, it was all a bit give and take, I think. There was a lot where EXO could have done more with their acting, there was a lot where Gayoung could have toned down Inchul Gal a lot more as well. I don't know where the line was drawn between being way too much and way too little. This isn't to knock the acting at all, don't get me wrong - I think all actors and actresses did really well with what they were given for the show, I think the script and character writing could have just balanced it out a bit more. I keep saying this does have a bit of a cringe factor, and truth is, if the characters had been toned down a notch or toned up a notch then I think that wouldn't have occurred - this is my own personal opinion, I know quite a few people who love it how it is.

This is a show that definitely has charms. When I say it has a potential rewatch factor, there are some episodes I will definitely watch again, namely the last three. I wouldn't watch the entire season again, it's too much - especially the first few episodes. The storyline was well written, but again, it all came down to the characters themselves on why I wasn't too keen on this. Incheon Gal was way too over the top; I know she was supposed to be but it did quite get on my nerves.

All in all, I think at least every EXO-L should give this a try. My bias list is in tatters, I laughed and cried my way through it and - surprisingly - a member of EXO doesn't die in this one! A rarity!

Reviewed by AnnaPagrati 9 / 10

Cute show!

This is cute mini show! If you're a fan of EXO, prepare yourself for a lot - and I mean like A LOT - of fangirling!

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